Lead Nurturing: Engaging With Potential Buyers

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Use Telemarketing to Build Relationships and Improve Your Lead Nurturing

As a B2B today, you are focused on making connections, personal connections that establish deeperlead nurturing relationships. Gone are the days when a client or potential client would come to you without any knowledge of your business or your products. Today’s buyers are well informed. However, there still exists the need to establish lead nurturing strategies, and telemarketing is a valuable part of that.

Marketing teams were once a completely separate entity from the sales team. However, the lines are blurred today, and it’s something you can embrace. As a B2B marketer you know that the sales professional doesn’t want to follow up with leads that aren’t ready to convert. As a marketer you need to have conversations with the lead that border on sales topics, but it’s really more about lead nurturing and getting the prospect primed and ready to enter the buy cycle.

Part of why lead nurturing works is that it helps marketers match their strategies with the needs of the buyer. Content marketing should be groomed to fit these needs. Furthermore, the content needs to be delivered in the method that best fits the buyer’s habits, whether its direct mail, email, social media sites or actual conversation.

What we know now is that buyers are seeking out the information that will help them choose the right products or services for their organization. There are so many channels to choose from today, but most of them are passive. The proactive channels are where lead nurturing programs thrive because to truly nurture a lead, you need to establish trust and build a relationship. Telemarketing is a channel that is perfectly suited for content marketing campaigns as well as lead nurturing, and in some ways, they are closely related.

According to a study by Marketo, a marketing company, B2B marketing used to nurture leads isn’t just about getting them into the buy cycle, it’s also about providing the human touch that generates 50 percent more sales-ready leads. Most marketers already know that establishing that human connection is painfully difficult through digital channels. Using telemarketing does add the human touch because skilled communicators are in charge of the situation. They know how to listen, the questions to ask, the right answers to questions, and how to guide a conversation that is beneficial for the buyer and the marketer.

Telemarketing can establish a fast and effective channel through which you make contact with prospective buyers. For instance, if a potential client sees your content marketing on a social media site and signs up to learn more about your brand, that information can be immediately sent to a telemarketer who can establish the value of your brand and how it can assist the buyer in their needs. Velocify completed a study recently that showed companies have a 391 percent better chance of making a conversion if they call the lead within 60 seconds. However, the study also found that most organizations won’t follow up for up to 48 hours, which means a great deal of potential business is being lost.

Blue Valley Marketing knows how to deliver your content and we know how to establish long-term, meaningful relationships with your prospective clients. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next marketing campaign.

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