Lead Generation Tactics That Work in Telemarketing

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Telemarketing 6As a member of the competitive B2B marketing landscape, you know that your formula has to change with the needs of your clients. Change and flexibility are extremely important in building a strong business model. However, there are a handful of lead generation methods used by marketers today that have been around for years. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Stay Customer-Centric
No matter what changes around us, there will always be a need to remain completely focused on the customer. Companies continually push themselves to develop the best products and services available to one-up their competitors. However, these products and services should be driven by customer wants/needs and not by an urge to be extravagant at the expense of the customer.

Thought Leadership Shows the Best ROI
To realize total engagement of your target audience, focus on content that has value and provokes a sense of thought leadership. This takes some proactive approaches that include active listening and total engagement with the target market. When you accomplish this you’ll create a marketing method that creates a buzz through word of mouth. You’ll also see your costs related to customer support operations drop significantly.

Seek Out Social Sharing Opportunities
There is nothing wrong with giving something to the people who engage in what you’re doing. For instance, having your target audience share the information you’ve placed in front of them should be a goal of yours. To help promote this goal, reward those who do a good deal of sharing. Incentives, a small gift, e-books … these are all excellent rewards for taking part in spreading the word about your company. If the blog you’ve created for your company isn’t getting the attention it deserves, promoting a social sharing scenario could be the answer for you.

Optimize Your Channels
Look deep into your data and find out what channels your target market prefer. When you know what channel is most influential within a certain demographic, you’ll know where you’re going to reach them most effectively. When you nail this down, you’ll be on the path that leads to a shorter sales cycle.

Lead Profiling Should Stay Progressive
Your goal should be to take every opportunity to further your relationship with your lead, which means you need to ask the right questions to help this relationship grow. There are situations where you’ll come in contact with your leads, make sure you’re using these opportunities to ask new questions and avoid repeat questions that do nothing to advance the conversation.

Partner With a Quality Lead Development Company
When you partner with a company like Blue Valley Telemarketing, you’re on board with a company that knows all about lead development and the various techniques that drive excellent results. Quality control and assurances, new business development, event marketing, customer development, marketing research, publisher services, lead generation, lead enhancement and qualification services are where we excel. Contact us today and get started on a campaign that will produce results.

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