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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Using Telemarketing Can Provide Large Advantages for Lead Generation

lead generationMost lead generation campaigns utilize several channels to achieve the maximum effect. However, marketers who put an emphasis on telemarketing in their lead generation strategies are seeing some of the best results.

TeleNet Marketing Solutions recently completed a survey that posed questions to telemarketers – what efforts are you employing in your lead generation campaigns, are you happy with the results, which methods could drive more success, and how can you improve your return on investment? Focusing on B2B marketers, the answers they got back reveal that telemarketing should be a part of every lead generation campaign.

The survey shows that the best results come from marketing attempts that use telemarketing firms that have the ability, among many other things, to track and report return on investment (ROI). They also show an ability to generate quality leads that fully satisfy the client.

The survey also reveals why it’s important to partner with a quality telemarketing agency in your lead generation campaigns. The best in class telemarketers have a 60-plus percentage rate of developing a close relationship with sales compared to others who say they were only able to establish a close relationship with sales about 20-plus percent of the time. Worse yet, telemarketers other than those among the best in class, established a relationship considered “not close” about 15 percent of the time.

Why is it so important for telemarketers and the sales team to develop this relationship? It’s important because the sales team needs to be able to work with leads that are passed along. Furthermore, telemarketing and sales personnel need to be partners in the process as they plan and develop a campaign from the ground up.

It’s through these relationships that data-driven analysis can be included in reports and a dialogue between the marketing team and sales members is established on a weekly or monthly basis through meetings or conference calls. This relationship facilitates sharing results with one another, planning future telemarketing campaigns and developing ideas for future products and how to put them out there in front of the target audience.

The survey shows how the best marketers are using telemarketing:

  • 90 percent utilize telemarketing services for cold calling
  • 72 percent qualify leads with telemarketing
  • 45 percent promote events and register attendees

Don’t be surprised to see that cold calling is such an effective tool. Remember, we’re talking about B2B here. In B2B, telemarketing calls at work are actually a welcomed occurrence. Does this mean cold calling is the only way to go? The answer to that question is “no.” But it goes to show you how effective some of the oldest telemarketing services can be.

Blue Valley Telemarketing knows how to use many tools that have been around for decades, as well as some of the new ones that are driving the telemarketing industry. Our lead generation techniques are sure to get your sales team in touch with qualified leads.


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