Lead Generation Ideas That Can Move Your Business Forward

Growing Your Customer Base With Lead Generation Ideas

Your existing customer base is invaluable, but to move forward you need to continually expand thatlead generation ideas base. That means you need to utilize a variety of lead generation ideas. Some strategies are stronger than others, but you can only invest in as many as match your budget and industry. Here are some top lead generation ideas as you work to grow your business:

Industry Associate Referrals

Reliable, high value leads come from other businesses associated with your industry. The businesses with which you currently partner can be a treasure trove of quality leads. Partnering with other linked businesses is good for you and it’s good for them too. What could be better than a win-win model? Ask your current industry associates for a list of referrals with whom you could share your goods and services.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking to increase your leads, you need more connections. To achieve that, you need to make sure you are where those potential business customers will find you. Today, that means being easily visible on the Internet. A large percentage of those responsible for business purchasing begin their buying process by researching online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategies get you in front of business buyers when they are in the buying mode.

Capture Vested Interests Through Events

Seminars, webinars, workshops and other events are great in terms of lead generation because they allow you to capture those with a vested interest in your business. In this industry-related way, these are the people most apt to make good customers. So offer quality events and use them as lead generation tools.


Telemarketing is a highly personalized and effective outreach in terms of lead generation. Blue Valley Telemarketing has years of experience servicing a variety of industries including the publishing industry. They can turn that expertise to use toward developing leads for both publishers and those who advertise in publications. U.S. based callers can perform unique sales lead functions (surveying existing subscribers) but they can also complement your other lead generation strategies. For example, they can follow up those who subscribe to or download your Enewsletter or white papers, they can call to invite them to events or make follow-up calls to those attending events.

Contact Blue Valley Telemarketing today and find out why we should be at the top of your list of lead generation ideas worth investing in this year.

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