Lead Generation Ideas for 2015

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Lead Generation Strategies That Utilize Telemarketing

lead generationLead generation campaigns need to begin with a strong strategy. It’s not unusual for a potential client to do the bulk of their research on your brand long before you ever make contact with them. When it comes to telemarketing, a lead generation strategy should include pushing content to potential leads through more passive channels before the first call is made.

Utilizing email to send information or links to content about your product, services or brand to potential leads gives them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with what you’re offering. It also improves the rate at which telemarketing can be an asset to your lead generation campaign, because only qualified leads will be engaged.

Marketers must focus on crafting their story the right way. In many cases, the best lead generation strategies utilize more than one of the senses, from sights to sounds to motions. The personalization of marketing is allowing companies to make stronger connections with their leads, which can speed up the sales cycle and improve client retention. When content is built with a short, informative and consistent message, engagement becomes more likely.

Sometimes, finding the right audience is a stumbling block. Smart marketing can help solve this problem. Look into the data and pull out layers of information that can help you. For instance, look into the demographics, the behavior of current and previous customers, how they utilize your website, and begin to see trends that can help you build a more effective message for a specific segment.

It is also valuable for you to look beyond the demographics and focus on influencers, pain points and anything that might be barring the potential lead from engaging with your brand. One of the best ways to get this information from leads is to have a conversation with them. This art is not lost on telemarketing professionals who have strategies that proactively put them in touch with leads. Telemarketing professionals can find out why a lead is not interested in a specific product. It might be price point or the timing is simply off. This is data that can be entered into a system and used to create better products and better contacts.

Telemarketing is one of the best channels to use in nurturing leads. It’s the conversational aspect of this channel that gives you more options in how you sculpt your message. The campaign is more pliable, facilitating the possibility of small changes in the delivery of the message to create a more conducive atmosphere for the exchange of information. It’s not something that other channels are able to provide.

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