Is Your Content Marketing Distribution Strategy Effective?

Content marketing data doesn't lie. Personal relationships gained through telemarketing are key sales drivers.

Get Your Content Marketing Distribution Strategy on Point With Telemarketing

Building up valuable content that helps guide potential buyers into a sales-ready position is among the top concerns of many marketers. What about content marketing distribution? The fact is, you can spend hours and hours on content, but without focusing on how you distribute that content, it could miss reaching your target audience.

Many companies will go to their email list to find possible interested parties, because it’s a fairly reliable list that is full of good, segmented leads. However, this list becomes many times more valuable when it is in the hands of a professional telemarketing company.

Telemarketers are excellent at figuring out what customers want by looking through the data and connecting with people in a proactive way. They “mine” the data and pull out the valuable parts that can give you an idea of where the buyer is. They can further segment the list of leads and help build content that will speak to each segmented portion of the list more appropriately.

Telemarketers can also assist in other areas of content marketing distribution. For example, search engine optimization efforts are improved because you have a better idea of what channels your target market flocks to for educating themselves on various aspects of their industry. Content marketing distribution is all about knowing which channels to go to with your quality content.

According to Mail Chimp, companies that thoroughly segment their lead lists get about 15 percent more clicks than those who don’t. Telemarketers can assist you in segmenting lists by more than just zip code and job title; they help make content marketing distribution more successful by finding out what the leads need and when.

While not every lead will be ready for the buy cycle, telemarketers specialize in nurturing these leads and prep them for the cycle. They listen as well as they disseminate information, take notes and file reports that enhance your understanding of the target audience. It’s an extremely proactive situation that few other marketing methods can replicate.

Most successful content marketing campaigns use a variety of channels, including social media, SEO and email. However, an indispensible part of the campaign has to include the proactive methods used in telemarketing. Leaving out this essential channel means missing out on great opportunities to make stronger, more accurate connections that can help a company grow.

By including telemarketing in a content marketing distribution strategy, you’re giving your brand more visibility, which means your content will be out front where it needs to be. You have to remember that 60 percent of the information a buyer needs to make a purchase has been absorbed before they even make contact with your sales team. Telemarketing will help them gain access to this valuable information, creating a better environment for a sales-ready situation.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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