How Integrated Marketing Campaigns Get a Boost Through Telemarketing

Telemarketing 8The opportunities to advertise and promote a brand seem nearly limitless. You’re probably still invested in the usual spaces, such as print ads and direct marketing. You’ve probably also taken advantage of e-mail marketing campaigns as well as web-based advertising. It’s clear that a multi-channel approach works well. What about telemarketing? Does it still have any value in integrated marketing campaigns? The answer is “yes.”

If there were only one formula that worked for a particular campaign, companies would invest heavily in that formula and let the remainder go ignored. A multichannel approach is a must. However, one of the most proactive methods of reaching out to a target audience is through the interpersonal communication provided by telemarketing.

What you need to consider as you embark on your integrated marketing campaign is that you know exactly who your target audience is. Without knowing the wants, needs and desires of your target audience, you’ll find your campaign falling flat.

You need to pick which channels are going to get the most attention. While you may not know exactly where your target audience spends the most time interacting with your brand, some demographics lean more heavily to some channels over others. For instance, if your target demographic is seniors, you might be better off investing more time in direct mail than on social media channels.

Consistency is a goal every marketer should strive to achieve, especially in the look of the campaign. This extends beyond your logo. You need to choose colors and fonts wisely. The photography you use and the graphics you strategically place throughout the campaign literature should be well though out and planned. The aesthetic is important, which means you need to put your trust in a person with the expertise to design your campaign.

Integrate your messaging so that every element helps to drive more traffic to areas that advance the sales cycle. Make sure every message includes links to your website, Twitter and Facebook pages. If you have multiple teams working the campaign, make sure they’re all in agreement with the direction of the campaign and that there are clear lines of communication.

For publishers embarking on an integrated marketing campaign, leaning toward telemarketing is an excellent choice for any of your campaigns. Telemarketing might be more expensive than an email campaign, but it’s valuable and offers an excellent return on investment. Reputable telemarketing companies can provide excellent B2B and B2C services that connect knowledgeable agents with your qualified leads, resulting in a shortened sales cycle and more positive outcomes. Furthermore, telemarketing is one of the best methods through which you can nurture a lead to a sale in the future.

A quality telemarketer will meet integrated marketing needs, such as brand development, demand generation, lead generation, appointment setting, direct sales and quality control and assurances.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is a company that knows how to connect you to your target audience. We’ve had years of experience and plenty of success in offering telemarketing services that make B2B and B2C campaigns a complete success. Contact us today and find out how our telemarketing teams can get you where you need to be.

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