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Equipping You to Fulfill Your Mission

You’re committed to the mission of your organization, and Blue Valley Marketing is committed to equipping you to fulfill it. When it’s time to conduct your annual donation drive or you’re fielding high call volume from a telethon, your organization can count on our agents for a pleasant and easy donor experience.

Don’t leave your donors on hold. Your nonprofit organization needs the support of your donors, and Blue Valley Marketing equips your organization to receive their calls and minimize their wait.

We Represent YOU

When you partner with Blue Valley Marketing, your donors interact with our entirely U.S.-based agents, trained to consistently represent your organization. And with our multichannel services, your donors contact you in their preferred format: call, text, email or chat to complete their gift.

At Blue Valley, we develop a customized script that allows you to maximize both the donor experience and the gifts your organization receives. We have perfected the art of encouraging generosity while ensuring that we never push too far.

With our customized plans, our agents will conduct conversations just as your in-house employees would, acting as an extension of your organization. You can trust that your donors are receiving a consistent experience every time they have contact with our agents.

The Support You Need

Your organization depends on donations to reach your goals, and you must staff your contact center with individuals who best represent your values. At Blue Valley Marketing, you have 24/7 coverage for those late-night donations, all delivered with a professional image that promotes the reputation of your nonprofit.

We also understand that your bottom line is always a key consideration, and Blue Valley’s affordable rates will make it easy for you to continue reaching for your goals. Funds are limited in your organization, so we make sure our rates help you funnel money to your core goals.

When running a nonprofit organization, you can enjoy both low rates and excellent contact center services. Contact us at Blue Valley Marketing for details and pricing.