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Offering the Best in Healthcare Support

You’re striving to provide the best care for your patients, but your organization may need more support in order to effectively care for others. A fast and accurate response is more critical in the healthcare field than in any other industry, but the medical field is also vast, with varied needs. You need an inbound contact center service ready to create a customized program for your patients’ unique situations.

Whether you run a small family practice and are looking for a way to manage calls that may otherwise be missed, or you’re an office manager for a large clinic that needs additional help during cold and flu season, Blue Valley Marketing can help you close the gap.

Beyond medical offices and clinics, Blue Valley is equipped to support a wide range of healthcare services, including dental, home health, medical equipment and mental healthcare providers.

Tailoring Services to Patient Preferences

Blue Valley Marketing’s agents are completely U.S.-based, offering your patients an experience that is consistent with what they receive from your organization. In addition, Blue Valley offers a true multichannel inbound contact center, so that your patients are free to make contact in the way most convenient for them: voice call, text or email.

Improving Patient Experiences

Blue Valley Marketing offers HIPAA-compliant inbound contact center services to organizations in the healthcare industry, from hospitals and clinics to providers, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies. Partnering with Blue Valley Marketing allows you to improve the patient experience with fast and accurate sharing of information while reducing your costs.

From appointment scheduling to the handling of a drug recall hotline and qualifying leads for pharmaceutical reps, Blue Valley Marketing agents are specially trained to handle your contact center requirements. Your patients will always be greeted by a friendly and professional agent, offering timely support to your patients and improving the overall efficiency of your organization.

Contact us at Blue Valley Marketing for more information about our inbound contact center service. You’re working hard to support your patients with an exceptional level of care, and we would like to, in turn, support you.