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Build Better Customer Experiences

The customer experience has become a key differentiator for e-commerce brands. An immediate response is critical, and inbound contact center services can help ensure you are always available to meet the needs of your customers quickly and efficiently.

An inbound contact center can provide assistance with anything from resolving customer issues to providing product information and order status updates, all with a consistent brand experience. Our team acts as an extension of your own, with customers receiving the same service levels that they have come to expect from your company.

Providing Value and Excellence in E-Commerce

Despite the convenience of online buying, customers still appreciate the opportunity to talk with an agent about an online purchase, particularly when the order doesn’t go as planned. An inbound contact center can focus on handling these inquiries while your in-house team focuses on more complex goals around product development and innovation.

Your plan for an inbound contact center includes accurate forecasting of call volume and customer needs, allowing you the precise level of support you require. When you receive a higher call volume or experience a sales boom, your inbound contact center services allow you to expand support without the expenses associated with hiring in-house staff.

An inbound contact center service offers flexible solutions, with the ability to adjust according to your seasonal needs. And just as your customers enjoy shopping at any time of day, they can also enjoy the convenience of accessing customer support at any time of day.

Benefits of Choosing an Outsourced Inbound Contact Center

When you choose Blue Valley Marketing for inbound contact center services, you will appreciate the focus on careful alignment with your brand. From extensive training to integrating your CRM with our platforms, your customers will enjoy a consistent brand experience across your organization as well as with our completely U.S.-based inbound contact center agents.

Your inbound contact center services can be tailored to your organization’s goals. Agents can engage in revenue-growth activities, such as upselling and promotional messaging, that help your company reach the objectives that drive growth.

In addition to handling calls in our inbound contact center, Blue Valley Marketing offers multichannel services, fielding inquiries from your customers via phone, email, chat and text.

Invest in Better Experiences

Your customers know that if you aren’t available to answer their call, your competitor is ready. Building exceptional customer experiences has become a key distinguishing quality among competing companies. We help you close the gap on your customer experiences, ensuring your customers are always able to expect consistent, excellent encounters with your brand.