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Exceptional B2B Customer Experiences at an Affordable Cost

A positive experience with your company can lead to many referrals, but as a small business owner, it can be challenging to answer every call. But leave those calls to voicemail and you’re likely to lose opportunities.

Likewise, you may have a commitment to a high standard for customer service, but struggle to find the right talent or skills to provide the experience your customers want.

It would be ideal if you had a dedicated employee to personally answer every call, but when you add in costs like benefits and training, it may be outside your budget. And you can’t entrust your company, your brand, even your reputation to just anyone; it has to be someone that understands your company and your industry.

Capturing Opportunities

To make the most of your B2B sales opportunities, the right inbound contact center will act as an extension of your brand, who understands your customers’ buying journeys and the various factors involved with a purchase. You need representatives that can gather critical information:

  • The various stakeholders involved in a purchasing decision.
  • The potential budget and timeline of the purchase.
  • The types of obstacles or questions that might need to be addressed.
  • The types and formats of content that would be helpful for their decision-making process.

You need a customized customer experience that feels like an extension of your in-house team. At Blue Valley Marketing, our entirely U.S.-based contact center agents provide the friendly service consistent with your company. You need a partner that provides a customized program that allows agents to become your brand advocates as they offer exceptional service to your customers.

Serving Your Customers Well

Blue Valley Marketing can help you close the gap between your commitment to customer service and the limitations of your budget. We create customized programs to fit your needs and provide brand consistency in how we represent your company. Consider the vast range of services our agents offer:

  • Basic Call Reception: A simple call answering service can help you manage a flood of calls with dedicated agents trained to represent your brand just as if they were an in-house representative.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Removing routine tasks from your in-house contact center improves employee satisfaction, allowing your agents to focus on more complex customer requests.
  • Order Taking: Whether you’re running a promotion or entering a busy season, Blue Valley B2B services can assist with taking customer orders, offering a consistent brand experience.
  • Handling Complaints and Questions: Whether your customers need to pay an invoice, ask questions about an order status or register a complaint, Blue Valley Marketing handles the calls that tend to stack up in any contact center.

Benefits You Can Measure

When you work with Blue Valley Marketing for your inbound contact center services, you can focus on growing your business, resting in the knowledge that your customers are receiving quality care. You will also get the benefit of appearing to be a bigger company, since your customers won’t know that Blue Valley agents aren’t sitting right in your office.

You’ll be able to compete more readily with larger B2B companies, because you will have agents working to capture leads and handle customer service requests for you. Blue Valley Marketing offers a multichannel marketing program, allowing your customers to contact you in their preferred format, from email and text to voice call.

Blue Valley Marketing offers customizable programs that are tailored to your needs. When you’re running a promotion or experiencing a seasonal surge in sales, Blue Valley Marketing is ready to accommodate your customers.

For more information about how Blue Valley Marketing helps you focus growing your B2B company while capturing every call that comes in, contact us today.