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Elevating Service in the Automotive Industry

Today’s customer is informed, and by the time they call your dealership or repair shop, it’s likely that they have already looked your business up online and have a good idea of what you have to offer. It’s also likely that if they are placed on hold or are forced into voicemail, they have your competitor’s number handy.

Hiring more in-house agents to answer service or sales calls might solve the problem, but probably at a price you don’t want to pay. When you consider costs like training and benefits, choosing an inbound contact center solution is a more economical choice.

Cultivating Customers for Life

At your dealership or repair shop, your goal is to make customers for life. You don’t want to simply sell them a car or make a repair; you want to build a trusted relationship that keeps customers coming back time after time. That kind of service requires friendly, professional service built on human-to-human interactions, not a recording or a voicemail inbox.

Your main goal is keeping customers happy. Happy customers tell their friends about their great experience with your repair shop or the fantastic service they received when they called your dealership. When you partner with Blue Valley Marketing, it’s more than a kind voice on the other end of the line. With entirely U.S.-based agents, your customers receive a customized experience that is consistent with your brand and your style.

Covering Promotions, Capturing Leads

Your automotive business requires agents for scheduling service appointments, capturing leads or following up on a service, and Blue Valley Marketing provides the additional support you require. Whether you operate a parts distribution, garage, service center or dealership, flexible customer support offers the level of service your brand is known for in your industry.

Blue Valley Marketing is a multichannel inbound contact center, which means convenience and flexibility for your customers. They choose their preferred method for getting in contact with you, including voice, text, email and messaging. In addition, it’s easy to scale services up or down depending on promotions or seasonality.

All of these services mean more time for you to get work done. That means more test drives, more repairs finished, more items checked off your to-do list.

To learn more about the specific benefits you will experience when you outsource your inbound contact center services to Blue Valley Marketing, contact us today.