Include Proactive Marketing in Your Sales Strategy With B2B Telemarketing

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Why B2B Telemarketing is a Valuable Component of Your Sales Pipeline

B2B TelemarketingAs you are already well aware of, the sales world has gone digital. Social media, in particular, permits broad audience engagement and targeted interactions which can strengthen existing relationships. But industry research shows that one half of B2B purchasers do NOT engage via social media. Social marketing gives access to big numbers, but it won’t close the deal for at least half of your target market. A large part of your sales efforts still need to focus on personal contact and B2B telemarketing can provide that necessary human element.

The beauty of B2B telemarketing is that it not only gives you what is missing with social media, but it can be used in many ways all along the sales process from the point of initial contact and brand promotion right through to making and closing the sale. Here are just a few ideas on how you can put the power of B2B telemarketing to work for your business.

From Start to Finish
Think of your marketing and sales pipeline. Telemarketing can perform anywhere along the way.

  • Initial calls to discover quality sales leads
  • List creation – find out who the true decision-makers are so that sales teams don’t waste time dodging roadblocks
  • Conducting market research – learn who your target businesses are and why
  • Update information – get rid of outdated contacts and dead-end leads
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Campaign promotion – let B2B telemarketing work in tandem with your marketing team to get the most from each campaign
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Sales
  • Follow-up calls

Scale Up or Down
You can utilize telemarketing anywhere in the pipeline and as much or little as needed. Use it one time for data gathering or multiple times to maintain a steady stream of solid leads for your separate sales team. B2B telemarketing can be an integral part of scheduled sales campaigns or as promoters of a one-time only event. You have the flexibility to scale up or down as your need dictates.

Gain Feedback and Insight
If sales is not where you decide to use telemarketing you can still benefit from the personal touch by using phone calling to get feedback from customers on products or services. A well-trained telemarketing team will yield far richer insights into what drives sales, makes for satisfied buyers and where changes may need to be made. Telemarketers can assess brand awareness as well as brand satisfaction.

If you haven’t made B2B telemarketing part of your sales strategy, it’s time to start. At Blue Valley Telemarketing we know how to join forces to make your sales numbers and positive customer engagements as high as possible. Contact us and see where in your pipeline we can be most effective. Without the human touch, you could be losing more than you think. With it, studies show you’ll see definite positive growth.

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