Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Which is Better?

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

The Information You Need to Know About Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

inbound vs. outbound marketingThe techniques you use as a B2B marketer are constantly changing, due in large part to the needs of your clients. Regardless of those needs, you still need to put your content in front of them in an effort to gain interest in your brand and your products/services. This often sparks debate over which marketing channels are best. Telemarketing is often included in these debates, and the argument over inbound vs. outbound marketing ensues.

Outbound marketing may have some negative feedback in B2C arenas, but the reverse is true of B2B. The fact is, when it comes to inbound vs. outbound marketing, your clients are happy to hear from you. Outbound telemarketing, when focused on qualified leads, offers an extremely appealing result for most marketers. Decision makers and qualified buyers look to these calls to become more informed on products and services that will improve their business.

Using a multi-channel approach, you can optimize other areas that will assist you in your marketing efforts. Examples of inbound marketing:

  • Video marketing
  • Blogs
  • Website copy
  • Search engine optimization of your website

Outbound telemarketing can be used to pull in more guests for your seminar, conference or webinar. However, if you’re looking for non-telemarketing outbound marketing that draws clients to you, consider these methods:

  • Traditional print advertising
  • Billboards
  • Broadcast (TV and radio) advertising
  • Pay per click advertising

As you already know, the multi-channel approach has created quite the buzz in recent years, prompting some marketers to eschew what they perceive as outdated methods of marketing. In some cases, that includes telemarketing. However, experience shows that telemarking remains the most proactive channel for reaching out to clients.

Telemarketing offers the human touch that other channels can’t, which is why it’s so effective in making the kind of contact that actually builds relationships. Telemarketing allows you to reach large audiences and bring in those leads that are of higher value. Furthermore, telemarketing is the right tool for you to use to segment audiences.

While there is often debate regarding inbound vs. outbound telemarketing, B2B marketers know that both methods offer quality results. You shouldn’t limit to yourself to one or the other. It is important to partner with a telemarketing agency that offers you everything you need for a seamless, highly visible campaign. You should choose only those agencies that offer the communication that you desire, the reporting you need to see deep into your campaign, and the ability to be flexible and improve the campaign strategy as needed.

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