In New York, B2B Telemarketing Companies Help You Connect With Leads on a Personal Level

New York B2B telemarketing companies

Use Telemarketing to Improve Lead Generation

Unlike most consumers, B2B buyers rarely succumb to an impulse-buy, which means you have to rely on disseminating information to generate more leads. In New York, B2B telemarketing companies have embraced this fact and regularly assist clients in connecting to leads in an efficient manner.

Lead generation is among the most important aspects of a B2B campaign. In B2B, you can’t follow the trends that B2C companies use. The differences between the target audiences are too vast. A B2B buyer must make informed decisions, not impulse purchases, as their company relies on them to make informed decisions to further the mission of the organization. So, how do they gain the appropriate information?

There are several ways to establish quality B2B leads, but the conduit between them is often best affected by telemarketing. For instance, let’s say you have a webinar you want to promote. Webinars are excellent sources of information that help a B2B buyer gain the information they need to move them closer to the buy cycle, but how do you get them to participate? With the human touch of telemarketing, you can sway a larger audience to join in.

Industry events that require people to physically attend are highly persuasive ways to generate leads. However, a lot of planning has to go into these events to help you gain a positive ROI. Again, utilizing telemarketing, you can generate leads that will get the appropriate audience to the event.

White papers and case studies are also valuable resources for your leads to glean information and sway them toward the buy cycle. However, when you send out a large number of emails directing them to the information, it’s quite easy for them to simply delete without reading. In New York, B2B telemarketing companies are connecting with these leads in a proactive manner that leads higher numbers toward their clients’ white papers and case studies.

Telemarketing leverages the power of persuasion and nurturing. Most B2B buyers look forward to the interpersonal connections that help them make informed decisions regarding where they spend company money. However, not all of them are ready to make a purchase. By using telemarketing, you’re engaging in a two-way conversation where the telemarketer is learning just as much as they are informing. This is a unique form of communication that direct mail, email and other forms of content distribution can’t reach.

If you’re in New York and looking for B2B telemarketing companies, make sure you don’t settle for one that can’t scale to your needs. Some of your campaigns will require more resources, while others will require less. Also, make sure you have access to the information regarding your campaign through the entirety of it via reports and monitored or recorded calls.

At Blue Valley Marketing, we use the latest technology to ensure that our clients are getting complete visibility into their lead generation and content marketing campaigns. Connect with us today and we’ll tell you how we’ll connect with your top leads.

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