Improve Your Lead Generation Abilities With Strategic Tactics

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

How Can You Increase the Results of Your Lead Generation?  

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of marketing leads never filter through to the buy cycle? That’slead generation a lot of potential business falling through the cracks. With the proper lead generation techniques, you can fill those gaps and push more leads through to the sales department.

Today’s B2B buyer wants to connect with a brand on a personal basis. That means you need to bring more personalization into your lead generation strategies. The majority of decision makers say they become frustrated when the channels through which they seek out information fail to hit them at the personal level. One way to improve your personalization efforts is to invest in real-time personalization platforms.

To get more invested in personalizing your message, use more proactive channels. Proactive channels of communication, like telemarketing, put you in direct contact with the decision makers that are among the most valuable leads in your lead generation efforts. When you communicate with them one-on-one, you are more influential and speak directly to their needs.

B2B decision makers don’t want to compose a lengthy email explaining their current needs – they want to talk to a qualified person who can further them along in their business objectives. This is where telemarketing efforts can put a huge spike in your lead generation productivity levels.

Utilizing social media can offer a vast improvement to the amount of knowledge your target audience will acquire to get more acquainted with your brand. As a B2B marketer, you already know that by the time your buyers contact you, they’ve done at least 60 percent of the research on their own. Optimize your sites so that they can ascertain a great deal of information and come in informed and primed with questions. Then, have the right resources available to further the conversation in a productive manner.

The research your leads conduct before they contact you is likely highly impersonal and lacking the human touch. By the time they are ready to reach out to you, they’re ready for the human touch. If your lead generation strategies don’t include a channel that offers that human touch, you’re going to miss out on a potential sale. This is why bringing telemarketing into your lead generation strategy is vital to being successful.

In-house telemarketing attempts often fail because there is just too much infrastructure, training and physical space required to make it work. Choose a third party that has knowledge of your industry, and bring them in to your lead generation campaign.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is ready to assist you in generating leads and nurturing them to a better end result for you and your company. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next campaign.

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