Improve Your Event Marketing With Telemarketing

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Telemarketing 2There is nothing easy about event marketing. If you’ve ever put together an event, you know the hours of hard work you invested into the content of the event, scheduling all the featured speakers you’d hoped to book, finding the perfect venue and settling on the right date – it all adds up to a hefty task.

You have probably put a fair amount of thought into how to market the event as well. You’ve designed invitations that will generate interest and you’ve timed their delivery to create the most RSVPs. The problem you face is that when the day of the event arrives and you’ve got empty seats, there is nothing more that can be done and the event turns into a loss.

For event marketing managers who have used telemarketing, they are more often than not seeing those seats filled to near capacity.

Most marketers will tell you that to get the most out of your campaign, you have to use multiple channels. Of course, your target audience will determine the channels you utilize. Some audiences will respond more positively to a direct mail vehicle than they will to email. If you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll know where to interact with your target. Don’t forget about social media channels, either. Nail down which social channels your clients visit most often and hit those hard.

You might think that bringing telemarketing into the mix is an ineffective method of marketing. But telemarketing is actually the most proactive method of marketing today other than door-to-door marketing, which is not time or cost effective.

You’ll want to outsource your telemarketing efforts for the best effect. Trying to run an in-house telemarketing campaign can be a logistical nightmare and can have outcomes opposite of what you expected. A professional telemarketing group will have the tact, the hardware, software and training required to pull off an efficient campaign that provides results. It’s event marketing at its finest.

The right telemarketer can build up a professional report with your prospective audience and boost your RSVPs to levels you can’t reach on your own.

The proactive nature of telemarketing produces results that go beyond the event you’ve planned. For instance, telemarketers excel at nurturing leads and positioning them for future business. Just because a lead doesn’t say yes to this event doesn’t mean they won’t bring their entire workforce to your next one. Telemarketers have the training to work with people, develop a relationship and advance them in the sales cycle. They can also find out why people aren’t attending your event, which gives you data to use while planning your next one.

When you partner with Blue Valley Telemarketing, your next event is going to be far better attended than it was before you found us. We are able to offer you with comprehensive services, which includes content marketing, lead development, customer development and effective communication with your prospective clients. Contact us today and we’ll work out a campaign that is best suited for you and your target audience.

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