How Telemarketing Content Distribution Fits Into Your Marketing Plan

B2Bs have many content marketing distribution options, but few that produce the ROI of telemarketing.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Making a Strategic Play With Telemarketing Content Distribution

You’ve developed an exceptional strategy for creating high-quality content for your B2B marketing audience. You’ve got a great mix of formats, with blogs, white papers, videos and infographics all working in balance for a variety of preferences. However, no matter how great your content is, you’ve just begun the process of getting that content into the right hands. Getting your content into the right hands means including telemarketing content distribution in your plans.

Along with producing excellent content, your focus needs to be on connecting with your target audience so that they are consuming your content. In order for that connection to happen, you’ll need to spend your time and resources on content promotion.

The importance of balance: Many distribution plans for content marketing lack the balance between digital and traditional methods necessary for reaching a target audience. Using digital marketing tools alone results in a passive approach, where you may be forced to wait for shares and likes, rather than being able to have a more proactive role in content promotion. Most digital tools result in a one-sided conversation where the marketer keeps publishing content, but with little opportunity to interact in meaningful ways with the audience.

In order to develop an effective promotion plan, you need to include a promotion tool that allows immediate feedback from potential buyers. A telemarketing content distribution strategy gives you the ability to gather information that gives you insight into the decision makers at a company, along with their budgets and future plans for spending.

A strategic partner: All distribution channels have their unique benefits and drawbacks, so it makes sense to combine two or more for better execution. When you combine promotion channels, you optimize the benefits of each. For instance, when you use an email newsletter, you are able to distribute it to a large crowd, but you are forced to wait to see if it introduces a conversation between you and your target audience.

When you implement the promotional possibilities of telemarketing, though, you introduce live conversation into the relationship. The natural flow of the interaction provides you with immediate feedback, letting your know how your target audience prefers to receive content and whether they are considering a purchase of your service or product.

Getting personal: One of the most important benefits of using telemarketing content distribution is the ability to form a personal connection. In a conversation, you can communicate your brand message in a way that is natural and in a way that is tailored precisely to your audience. After all, telemarketing is simply a conversation between two people.

Telemarketing gives you a human connection to your target audience in a way that other channels do not. When you’re on a telephone call, you can read the tone of a person’s voice and listen for their reservations and respond to them as you hear them. You finish the interaction with a significantly better understanding of your potential buyer.

No other channel gives you the personal connection that you can achieve with telemarketing content distribution. It makes a perfect partner for more passive strategies and gives you immediate feedback about your potential buyer. You can find out about your contact’s content preferences, such as whether they prefer blogs or infographics and what time of day they tend to consume content.

To learn more about telemarketing content distribution, give Blue Valley Marketing a call. Tell us about your specific business challenges, your current marketing strategies and the goals you have for your business, and we can discuss how telemarketing can help you meet those goals.

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