Getting Better Quality Assurance Through Telemarketing

How the Best Telemarketers Offer Quality Assurance

Telemarketing 3As an industry, telemarketing is viewed as one that is above anything else, results driven. Telemarketing clients rely on the services to improve conversion rates, gain more leads and produce more sales per hour. However, the best telemarketing companies will offer quality assurance services to keep campaigns from becoming too aggressive or from coming too close to stepping over boundaries set on the state and federal level.

It’s only natural to push hard to get the results laid out in campaign goals. But without quality assurance measures in place those tactics can push the boundaries.

By developing a quality assurance program, telemarketers can do much more than just stay compliant with state and federal rules and regulations.

  • Better Branding
    A friendly agent who is goal oriented yet respectful can do a lot to improve a brand’s image. The best telemarketing companies will seek out ways to improve customer service in their quality assurance measures. This not only improves the brand image, it increases the number of clients who return to you for more business.
  • Better Scripts
    Business can be won and lost with the script. A quality assurance program will put safeguards in place to improve the effectiveness of a script.
  • Better Sales Accuracy
    Instead of pushing sales through, a quality assurance program will verify every sale. Pushed sales result in a loss of money and customers, which is why your program should verify sales.
  • Better Leads
    Conversion rates are improved when agents follow the call flow and make the necessary sales efforts. Rebuttals are important because around 66 percent of sales are made after the first rebuttal is given. Without a quality assurance program, it’s often not known if agents are offering suitable rebuttals.

Many telemarketers will approach the day-to-day routine as being highly focused on quantity of calls, but in reality, quality of calls is where the focus should lie.

The best telemarketers will utilize call monitoring, call recording and reporting tools to offer more insight into the campaigns and how agents are following through with their tasks. This means the company must be equipped with the proper hardware and software. Staying on top of the latest hardware and software is something the best telemarketers are doing on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for a quality telemarketer that will help you get the most out of your campaigns, look for a company that has a track record that proves they run a quality campaign and offer an excellent return on investment.

Blue Valley Telemarketing takes quality assurance very seriously. Compliance matters are an ongoing priority, whether it’s the American Telemarketing Association or the Direct Market Association, we follow steps to ensure we’re always in compliance. Contact us today and tell us what you’re looking for in a telemarketer.

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