Get Noticed With the Right Content Marketing Distribution Mix: News Releases and Telemarketing

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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Creating great content is critical to the communication of your brand message, but don’t invest in the creation of your content without taking the time to develop a solid content marketing distribution plan. Content distribution is a critical step, and is, in fact, just as important as having highly-relevant, quality content.

Your content marketing distribution needs the same focused effort as content development, and in every B2B situation, there’s a perfect mix in your distribution channels that will get you noticed. Your challenge is identifying that mix. Whether it’s social media, more traditional channels like radio advertising or direct mail, there’s a combination that will hit the right mark for your company and get people buzzing about your content.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing only one channel for your distribution because it’s trendy or because you had a content piece grab a lot of attention on a particular site. Most successful content marketing distribution plans reach their goals with a combination of digital and traditional channels.

Telemarketing and News Releases: A Perfect Pairing

Telemarketing is discussed more in depth throughout this piece, but it remains one of the most reliable traditional methods of content marketing distribution. Particularly when it comes to lead generation, it makes a great partner for digital content marketing channels, such as news releases.

As discussed by PRNewswire, news releases are a great digital way to promote your content. For instance, if you create a white paper that contains the solution to a challenge that has been plaguing your industry, a news release announces the availability of that content. It is seen by journalists, consumers, analysts and economists, increasing the likelihood that your content will be seen by a variety of members of your target audience.

The roles of telemarketing and news releases are similar: getting the word out about your content. They each alert your target audience to the existence of your content and increase the likelihood that your content will be consumed and that your potential buyers will be moved forward in the buy cycle. They have different benefits and, when used in combination, they can create a lot of buzz for your brand.

Creating an Effective News Release

Much like your content itself, your news release needs to have some critical elements to get the attention of an audience that sees a lot of news releases. Here are a few steps to crafting a news release that will get noticed:

  1. Focus on who your target audience is. Know who you are writing to, and make sure your news release contains information that is important to them. Even within your target audience, you may have one or two buyer personas that your release is targeted to, and you need to write specifically for them. How does your content piece solve a problem or otherwise interest this audience?
  2. Include a hook. This is where you grab your audience’s attention, and it’s where you include the information about what your potential buyer will find in your content. It’s important not to create a false hook, here, though. If you promise to solve a problem for them in your news release, you need to have the solution in your content or you may alienate your audience.
  3. Simplicity is best. Don’t create a complicated news release that has your audience wondering what you’re trying to say. Include a simple summary of what your content will deliver and how they can get to it.
  4. Include a call to action. Give your news release audience the invitation to view your content. Simply telling them that you’ve created a great video is like telling your friends that you’re having a party but never giving them an invitation. You’ve got them interested; now get them to your content.

News releases are a powerful tool for getting your content noticed by your target audience. It’s seen by a variety of influencers and journalists and can create the digital buzz you need to promote your content on multiple digital channels.

How Telemarketing Delivers Your Leads

Digital channels are a critical part of any modern content marketing distribution plan. They get the word out to a wide audience and ensure that your company name comes up when a buyer goes looking for a supplier online. However, the major drawback to digital marketing channels is that they are passive.

Focusing your distribution strategy on e-mail and SEO alone may only secure 15-25 percent of your target audience. Adding in social media to your distribution strategy can increase that percentage slightly. However, if your goal is to have over 50 percent of your target audience exposed to your news release you can take a more proactive approach and integrate telemarketing to the mix.

You can decide to add outbound calling activities at any time during your marketing campaign.  You may want to post the news release on your web site and LinkedIn, and send an e-mail to all the people in your marketing database first. At one point or another you should introduce outbound telemarketing as a proactive outreach process.

Professional telephone representatives can ensure that about 50 percent of the people on your list will receive your news release. Furthermore, they will personally talk to many of them and will be able to gather a great deal of valuable information in the process. Not only will they make sure the person receives the content (by e-mail or otherwise), they can strike a conversation with them to find out about challenges the prospect is trying to overcome. Furthermore, the representatives can gather information about the likes and dislikes of the audience when it comes to consuming content. Information that will greatly assist you in creating even better content next time around.

The difference is that telemarketing offers some opportunities that digital marketing channels do not. When you use telemarketing to reach your target audience, you receive immediate feedback and harness a powerful lead generation tool.

Here’s how telemarketing is superior in its lead generation capabilities:

  • Telemarketing is proactive. Rather than posting your content on a site and waiting for your target audience to notice it, telemarketing gives you the opportunity to personally invite a potential buyer to view your content.
  • Once the content has been consumed, you have a perfect opening for a follow-up conversation. You can ask if the content was relevant to their situation, whether they prefer a different type of format, and if there are other topics that they’d like to see covered in future content pieces.
  • You can move potential customers further along in the sales funnel. When you’re in a conversation with a potential buyer, you have the ability to move them forward in the buy cycle and gain important information for your sales team including:
    • Determine whether they are the sole decision-maker, or if there are other contacts that you should be including in your content distribution
    • Find out if there are any reservations, questions or other topics of discussion that would delay a purchase decision
    • Build trust and loyalty that allow a sales representative to enter into what is already a solid relationship between you and your potential buyer

News releases and telemarketing are each effective ways to reach your target audience to alert them to your content. When you use these two methods in combination, you significantly increase your likelihood of connecting with potential buyers to build your reputation as a trusted expert in your industry.

To learn more about including telemarketing in a balanced, comprehensive content marketing distribution plan, we would love to talk to you. We can help you determine the right mix of digital and traditional marketing channels to get your company noticed.

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