Foolproof B2B Lead Generation Ideas

B2B lead generation is more effective when you use person-to-person contact to identify buyers ready to purchase.

Grow Your Pipeline With These B2B Lead Generation Tips

In order to grow your business, you need a constant stream of qualified leads hitting your sales team’s pipeline. A strong B2B lead generation strategy will provide these leads, but you’ll need to choose the right tools for your industry and your company. Take a look at these lead generation ideas to see if one or more of them are an ideal fit for your goals:

Referrals within your industry: You can obtain valuable qualified leads from other businesses within your industry. This is a win-win model in which two partner companies exchange information that leads to growth for both sales teams. Talk with companies with whom you have a solid business relationship to see if there are opportunities to share leads with one another.

Get familiar with SEO: In order to create new leads in B2B sales, you need to encourage more connections. This means you need to be putting your content out where potential clients will be able to easily find you. In a B2B sales transaction, much of the research is completed long before a buyer talks with your company. Be sure that when research is done on your product or service, your company is high on the search results list.

Offer live events: Whether it’s educational, with a seminar or webinar, a hands-on workshop or a vendor focused expo, live events are a great way to connect with potential buyers that have a vested interest in your industry. These events allow B2B to show its human side, and provide opportunities for conversation and to build relationships. Also, the leads you gain in a live event tend to be more qualified than leads obtained through a list, social media or other channels.

Telemarketing balances other channels: Telemarketing offers you the opportunity to have a personal conversation with a potential client. Not only does telemarketing give you an opportunity to build a relationship with your contact, but it also complements other marketing channels. For instance, while on a call you can follow up with those that subscribe to your email newsletter or your blog, and ask them whether it was helpful. You can also find out if there are other topics that would interest your potential buyer.

Refine your B2B lead generation performance with the help of our consultants at Blue Valley Telemarketing. We can help you create a set of balanced channels for lead generation that help you meet your growth objectives.

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