Unhappy with the ROI on your white papers? Turn to telemarketing for high returns on your content marketing.

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You’ve invested in content creation, and now you have a sizable library of blogs, videos, infographics, images, white papers and newsletters. You’ve displayed your expertise, answered questions for your target audience and clearly communicated your brand message. Your content is solid and it’s strategic, high-quality material that serves to build your brand and your reputation in the industry.

Now that you have a highly-developed content archive, it’s time to focus on honing your discoverability. Even if you have a nice calendar mapped out for publishing on social media and in your email newsletter, and you’re writing about the very problems that your audience encounters, there’s no way to predict whether your solutions will just happen to align with your audience’s timing for their challenges or problems.

As highlighted in the ebook, “How to Increase Your Content’s Discoverability,” by Heather Mueller, your B2B target audience members don’t wake up on a Tuesday morning thinking, “It’s a good day to read a white paper.” This simply isn’t how content is generally consumed.

Instead, they’re either clicking on something you’ve posted on social media or in a newsletter because it pertains to something they are interested in, or they are seeking out resources because they need  a solution to a problem they are facing. That’s when you need the edge over your competitors in the area of discoverability.

What is discoverability? Discoverability is the ease with which your target audience can access your content. When they visit your website, can they easily find what they need to solve a problem, get more information and utilize your resources for their solution?

Discoverability is one of the key ways that you become indispensable to your potential customers. If they can easily access your resources, they’ll come back the next time they need to solve another challenge. You’ll quickly become their go-to location, and then they’ll turn to you when it’s time to make a purchase, too.

Steps in a Discoverability Strategy:

Take inventory and assemble your content: You don’t need to reinvent your content if you’ve already got numerous items that can be organized for optimal discoverability. Take time to do inventory to evaluate your content on a number of categories, including topic, problems and challenges, buyer, targeted format and date published. Next, determine in what ways the content items are related and create a diagram of connections between the pieces so that they can be cross-linked or used in a call to action.

In this step, you may also discover some holes where you’re not addressing the particular challenges of your industry. You may find that additional content needs to be created in order to cover all areas that are of interest to your target audience.

You can also determine which items of your content have been most successful in terms of the audience engaging with the piece or going on to visit your website. Evaluate factors like retweets, shares, click-throughs and comments. This is the time for extensive analysis, determining which words in your titles led to the most click-throughs, or where in the piece you should put your call to action in order to lead to more activity.

Plan your discoverability strategy: Be sure that you are organizing your website to make it easy to access the information your B2B audience needs. You can create a menu on your site that makes your content available by a number of categories:

  • Buyer persona or company role
  • Archived dates
  • Format type
  • Problem or challenge
  • Topic

It’s also important that you focus on keyword optimization so that your website search function is a valuable tool for you and your audience. Make sure that you are informed about the critical keywords in your particular industry, and that they show up in your content. They should be appearing in your title, your subtitle and several times in your content piece in order to maximize their searchability on your site.

The Role of Telemarketing

Now that you’ve set up your website to make your content easily accessible to your target audience, you can do more than investing in the “wait and see” type of discoverability that comes with website design. Instead, partner your website strategy with a proactive approach that comes with telemarketing.

Telemarketing takes your discoverability and launches it into the view of your target audience. For instance, you may create a white paper that answers a particular challenge facing your potential buyers. You post it on social media, send it out attached to an email newsletter and cross-link it several ways on your website. It’s a high quality piece, designed to build your reputation as a trusted industry leader and it provides valuable information to your target audience.

Even with all these great qualities making it a valuable resource for your target audience, you’re still taking the risk that most of them will never see it. All it takes in this instance is one headline that doesn’t quite hit the mark or poor timing in your posting, and you’ve completely missed your target audience.

When you add in telemarketing in your discoverability equation, however, you are able to tell your potential buyer directly about the content that may be helpful to them. A one-on-one conversation provides you with important information about the challenges or problems your potential buyer is facing, giving you the opportunity to direct them to valuable resources.

Telemarketing also allows you to refine how you organize your content, as well as producing topics that are most relevant to your target audience, based on the feedback you receive in conversation with potential buyers. Instead of analyzing and guessing about what your next step is in your content marketing strategy, your potential buyers give you critical feedback informing your content creation.

To learn more about how telemarketing aids in discoverability, make an appointment with Blue Valley Telemarketing. We work with companies like yours to refine your content marketing strategy in ways that lead directly to increased sales.

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