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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Don’t Forget the Human Touch in Your Content Marketing Distribution Plan

One of the most important tasks you can carry out after developing high quality content for your B2B marketing is to find the right channel for content marketing distribution. In some cases, the content is built around the channel, but regardless of how many are being used, you should never leave out one of the most proactive channels – telemarketing.

Content marketing distribution is most successful when a list of objectives is laid out first. There is a lot of talk right now about content marketing and how everyone should be focused on content. Unfortunately, too many forget to put in their objective list how they’re going to put this content in front of potential clients. The organizations that do it right have their distribution key process indicators (KPIs) in front of them at the beginning and know which channels are going to be of most value in every content marketing campaign.

Most content marketing distribution strategies include creating useful content in the form of blogs, social media posts, whitepapers and website elements that further a client’s knowledge of the brand and products. Industry trends are constantly monitored and commented on to help establish the organization as a thought leader. This can help build an organization’s reputation and the amount of traffic they get in their social media sites and their own website. To really take the relationships to a new level requires the human touch that telemarketing can offer.

Some organizations will see content creation as their most critical, most difficult and most time consuming aspect of the strategy. However, just as much energy should be expended in the content marketing distribution aspect. YouTube has about a million hours of videos uploaded to it on a daily basis; is this going to be a target channel of distribution for your company? You are going to have to have some captivating video if you’re going to compete with millions of others. There are more than a billion people on Facebook; how is your content going to stand out from others ‘on that platform?

The channels mentioned above can’t be discounted just because there is so much competition, but you have to recognize that these digital channels are passive and don’t make as big an impression as more proactive channels, like webinars, seminars, live events and telemarketing.

What telemarketing brings to the distribution table that others do not is the human touch. Telemarketers are professional communicators that know how to build trust with leads. As a B2B marketer you know that buyers are accepting of calls made by telemarketers because it’s from them that they learn what’s available on the market, what’s being used by competitors, and how they can connect with products and services that will strengthen their brand.

Blue Valley Telemarketing has been helping clients strengthen their brand through quality content marketing distribution services for years. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to reach more leads and put more of them into the buy cycle.

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