Developing a Good Strategy Still Presents a Challenge for Content Marketing

Are distribution channels outlined in your content marketing strategy? Blue Valley Marketing can help.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Developing a Good Strategy Still Presents a Challenge for Content Marketing

It’s not a secret that content marketing is the key resource you need for personalizing your brand message to your target audience in order to engage with them. Quality content keeps you relevant, it helps you connect with clients and prospects in a meaningful way. Content helps you build relationships with new prospects and secures your reputation as an expert in your industry.

The market is flooded with content though, which means the challenge is to ensure that your content is the one that stands out. Developing a content marketing strategy is critical. It’s not enough to create unique and personalized content pieces. You need a good distribution strategy that communicates your brand value propositions to your audience in a way that leads to further engagement.  You need a process that engages with your clients and prospects throughout their buying cycle.

A recent survey conducted by Ascend2 demonstrates the challenge that strategy development presents for companies using content marketing. The results indicate that almost half of all marketers (48 percent), experience significant challenges developing quality strategy and/or getting the resources needed to execute the strategy.

Others are finding it challenging to create strategy objectives that are easily measurable and to create a plan that meets their budget limits. Budgetary challenges are a hurdle for 47 percent of marketers and 36 percent name measurable goals as primary obstacles to a successful content marketing plan.

Even with the challenges, there remains a great deal of excitement about the opportunities for investing in content marketing. Marketers are committed to grow their content marketing efforts, and find better ways to demonstrate the highest possible ROI.  In fact 89 percent of respondents said that they are increasing their effectiveness at using content marketing as a way to grow their business and engage with customers.

A Solution for Every Marketing Team

While the research provides compelling information about the challenges facing content marketers, it also leads marketers to consider that there may be overarching solutions that answer the needs of many companies with similar obstacles for successful marketing plans.

One such solution is telemarketing. Unlike social media or other marketing tools with a technological foundation that tends to be appealing to younger buyers and certain industries, telemarketing offers a solution that is applicable and effective across every industry and every buyer persona.

Developing a Distribution Strategy

A solid distribution strategy requires a careful study of your buyer personas and a clear understanding of their preferences for receiving content and the challenges they face in your industry.  Your distribution strategy needs a calendar of activities and a clear process for content dissemination.  Understanding  your audience buying cycle and their preference for content consumption can make or break a marketing plan.

Perhaps the most important consideration for your distribution strategy is your choice of methods for distributing content. Your challenge is to find the combination of distribution methods that leads to the best engagement with your target audience throughout their buying process.  For instance, you can create engaging articles for LinkedIn that are perfect for your Millennial target audience, but if your potential buyers don’t hang out on LinkedIn, your content is useless.

A Perfect Partner

Telemarketing is an effective choice for content distribution.  It is even more effective when paired with a technology-based distribution strategy such as social media and/or email. For instance, when a white paper has been posted on social media, a telemarketer can follow up with your target audience to determine whether they clicked on the white paper, what their thoughts were about it and whether they prefer social media or another distribution method for future content.  The telemarketing rep can qualify quality actionable leads for your sales team in the process.

Telemarketing should be an integral part of your marketing plan. So many of the digital distribution methods tend to be one-sided and passive. B2B environments are a great example; you may post informative, engaging blogs on your site, link them on your social media sites and send them out to your email contact list, only to hear crickets from your audience. Telemarketing offers a unique benefit that other marketing techniques often miss, it is proactive.  It offers you the opportunity not only to secure that your content is delivered to the right people at the right time, but also to hear what your audience has to say about your brand.

Telemarketing offers you immediate feedback from your potential buyers, giving you insight into their preferences and the likelihood that they will become a customer. In addition, telemarketing transitions perfectly once they do become a customer, giving you the ability to follow up on their experience with your company, offer additional customer service and even hear complaints before they consider switching to another provider.

There are a number of insightful questions you can utilize in a telemarketing campaign that gives you priceless information about your buyer. For example you learn:

  • What problem they are trying to solve, and when do they expect that this problem will take priority over the other concerns they have to deal with?
  • What different factors do they consider when weighing the benefits of one solution over another?

Increasingly, customers want to know that when they invest in your business’s products or services that they will be rewarded with your attention to their specific concerns and challenges. Telemarketing is uniquely positioned to gain an understanding of your customer’s preferences and needs.

When telemarketing is an integral part of your distribution methods, you gain important insight about the problems your potential customers are seeking to solve and the factors influencing their decisions whether to use your product or service. By strategically using a combination of distribution methods, you can ensure that your carefully-crafted content is being viewed by potential customers.

For more information about including telemarketing as part of a successful content marketing strategy, make an appointment with Blue Valley Telemarketing. We can help you design a telemarketing campaign that results in growth for your business and a closer connection with your target audience.

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