Develop a Strategy for Content Marketing That Increases Quality Leads

Trendy marketing tools don't produce the solid sales numbers and ROI telemarketing yields.

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of Traditional Marketing Paired With Digital Strategies

Lead generation is a central topic of concern for many marketers. How do you know whether your efforts are leading to increased leads for your sales team? You need to concentrate your work on the activities that convert a potential buyer to a new client, but are you taking all the necessary steps?

In order to generate leads, you must have a strategic combination of social media and more traditional marketing tools. It is not enough to rely on one type of distribution tool to create new growth for your company.

Social media has been receiving a lot of attention for the past few years for a good reason. It enables you to connect on a personal level with members of your target audience. But is it enough?

Content marketing using social media relies heavily on passive strategies for engaging potential buyers. For instance, when you post a blog or video on your LinkedIn page, while there are steps you can take to increase the chance of engagement, you still have to wait for your target audience to make that move.

In a recent article from the Content Marketing Institute, entitled, “Top 5 Lead-Generation Ideas for Your Content Marketing,” the importance of knowing what your target audience wants is emphasized. You need the right mix of the right types of content in order to turn your audience into buyers.

Indeed, in this age of digital content marketing, an often-overlooked resource for B2B marketing is the tried-and-true telemarketing. It’s a great stand-alone tool, but it also works well as a partner to more modern strategies. Here’s a list of the ideas presented by the Content Marketing Institute, plus an idea for how to incorporate telemarketing to enhance lead generation:

Create an e-book. If you want to differentiate yourself as an expert with deep knowledge of your industry, an e-book is one of the ways to do that. It’s an opportunity to solve a problem for your potential buyers, demonstrate your expertise and if you’ve got a compelling topic, you’ll easily capture email addresses of those that want access to your e-book.

Telemarketing pairs well with this idea on both ends of the process. You can reach out to your target audience to find out about the challenges they’re facing in their work environment before starting the production of your e-book. This step helps you identify a topic that’s sure to garner great interest. Once the e-book is in circulation, use telemarketing to follow up with your contacts that downloaded the e-book to see if it was helpful and what other topics would also capture their interest. In the process you will identify clients needs and be able to generate quality leads.

Invite your target audience to a webinar. Webinars are similar to an e-book in that they serve to demonstrate your expertise, as well as capture critical information about your audience. Consider taping your event so that you can post it as a resource on your website later or edit it into a video for sharing on social media sometime in the future.

Telemarketing can help you drive interest to your webinar, and it is useful for conducting follow-up interviews. What did your contacts appreciate about your webinar and what would they like to see in the future?  The information people share with you will help lead to the qualification of some great leads.

Schedule a live event. Like telemarketing, live events create opportunities for one on one connections that are hard to achieve in the digital world. Use telemarketing to call your potential buyers and invite them to your event, and find out if there are any barriers or reservations about attending. You can use both live telephone and in-person conversations to build relationships and grow trust between yourself and your potential buyer.

Produce more white papers. In an age dominated by visual information, reading a white paper can help your client solve a specific problem. White papers need to have a prominent place in your content marketing strategy, because they have a prominent place in your target audience’s priority list.

We recently conducted a survey that revealed significant missed opportunities when it comes to white papers. There’s a sizable gap between how many white papers are being produced and the demand for them by B2B buyers. You can read more in our white paper that details the results of the survey.

Showcase your success with case studies. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell about your best work. Produce a few case studies that highlight a successful solution you implemented for a client. It’s useful not only for demonstrating your skills at problem-solving for a client, but also showcasing respected clients that trust you to solve problems for them.

Telemarketing works well here for follow up with potential buyers to see if they read the case study, and to see if they’ve experienced a similar situation to the one presented in your content.

Telemarketing works well as a stand-alone marketing resource, but it is particularly effective at building loyalty in situations where your interactions with a contact have been primarily online. Here are a few other reasons why you should include telemarketing in your content marketing strategy as you strive to build lead generation efforts:

Get immediate feedback. There’s no waiting to see the analytics from digital activity. You hear, right from your potential buyer, what they’re looking for, whether they have any reservations about choosing your company and whether your content is serving their purposes. You develop real-time leads.

Find out their preferences. Maybe you’re publishing a white paper every month, but your target audience largely prefers to read the content in smaller segments in a blog post for the information they need. Telemarketing helps you gain information you need about which format of content is best for your contacts.

Make sure you’re talking to the right people. So much digital marketing hits the wrong people because you’ve got incomplete information or the wrong information altogether. With a telemarketing call, you can find out who the decision-makers are that need to receive your content.

Blue Valley Telemarketing knows that the best content marketing plans are comprehensive and strategic, incorporating multiple resources for lead generation. To learn more or to begin crafting your own content marketing plan, make an appointment with our team at Blue Valley Telemarketing.

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