Content Marketing Distribution: Why It Matters, and How to Do It Well

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Content marketing is a significant part of a successful marketing plan. You need to establish yourself as an industry leader and expert, and make sure that your voice is heard through all the noise. Your content must be great, but your content marketing distribution needs to be strategic, too.

While you may have created great content, it may be ineffective if it’s not being consumed by your target audience. How do you reach the right ears with your content? The key is a well-constructed content marketing distribution strategy. There are a lot of places where you can place your content, but if those don’t happen to be the same places where your target audience hangs out, then your content pieces are just more noise.

Why Content Marketing Distribution Matters

Much of content marketing is passive, requiring you to put your content out there and then wait to see if you get any bites. It’s important in B2B marketing models to make sure that you are creating relevant materials that answer a question or discuss a challenge that is facing your target audience.

While there’s a lot of content out, there’s also a lot of choices for where to place your content. Your distribution plan matters because it’s how your content gets consumed. If you choose to post on Facebook, even though you know your potential buyers largely read content on LinkedIn, don’t be surprised when there’s no measurable growth from your content marketing efforts.

Part of establishing your company as a respected voice in the discussion is by carefully distinguishing where that discussion is taking place. If your work is visually appealing, don’t leave a platform like Instagram off your list of distribution channels. If you have a great email subscription list, you should be including email newsletters as part of your strategy.

It’s also important, in this age where social media is dominating the focus of many marketing teams for distributing content, to remember the important role that traditional marketing channels still fill. Telemarketing offers benefits that social media platforms can’t provide, and a savvy marketing team will incorporate a combination of digital and traditional methods in order to maximize lead generation through content marketing.

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

As discussed in an article on, your first step is analyzing which distribution channels are the best options for your industry and your specific company.

In other words, go through the prep work before you create your content. Determine who you are targeting, establish a clear picture of your buyer personas and analyze keyword and topic hits for your target audience. This step is a lot of work, but you’ll be glad when you are watching your lead generation grow and improve, rather than shooting content out without a strategy and waiting to see if anything happens.

Once you’re through your prep work, here are three steps you’ll want to include in your content marketing distribution strategy:

Decide what your goals are. There are multiple layers even to this step, but in summary, you should have a clear idea of what you want your content to accomplish in the marketplace. For instance, if you want to grow the presence of your voice in the industry, how will you determine whether you’ve succeeded? Do you want to measure the conversations (or comments) that stem from content posting or do you want to measure how often your content is shared, or maybe both?

If your goal is to increase lead generation, it’s important that your organization has a clear idea on what constitutes a lead. For many companies, it’s helpful to designate a lead as a potential buyer that’s ready for an in-person sales meeting. You might also include other engagement metrics, like click-throughs on an email newsletter or new visitors to your website, but the key is to have metrics in place to determine whether your content marketing distribution is effective.

It’s all about the relationships. While establishing a good online presence is important for growing your company, make sure that you are building trust and loyalty between you and your customers and potential buyers. A distribution plan that happens entirely online is not likely to count their relationships with customers as a sustaining part of their business plan.

This is where a traditional marketing channel, like telemarketing, makes an important impact for your lead generation process. Here are a few reasons why you will want to include telemarketing in your content distribution mix:

  1. While online content marketing is passive, telemarketing provides a proactive way to engage with your customers.
  2. Through a human-to-human conversation, your company has the opportunity to communicate trustworthiness, warmth and customer loyalty to a potential buyer.
  3. You’ll be able to give and receive immediate feedback. Not only can you answer questions and address reservations, but you’ll also get key information about the kinds of content formats your potential buyer prefers.
  4. You’ll stop guessing whether you have the right contact information for a company you hope to do business with. Instead of passively hoping that you’ve got a good email subscriber list for content distribution, you can find out precisely who the decision-makers are at a company through telemarketing.

Share multiple times, in multiple formats and on multiple platforms.

Once you’ve created some great content pieces, make the most of them. If you’ve created a blog, for instance, that discusses a relevant topic and is creating a buzz on social media, don’t hold back from reformatting that content to get even more mileage out of it. You can rework it into a video, an infographic and an email newsletter. Then get your telemarketing campaign centered on talking about it with potential buyers, too.

Every piece you produce isn’t going to go viral, and for many of them you will be frustrated by the lack of response. When you’ve hit on a good topic or solved a critical problem, though, use it to reinforce your reputation as an expert and keep recreating it to serve new audiences.

To learn more about how telemarketing rounds out your content marketing distribution plan, make an appointment with the specialists at Blue Valley Telemarketing. We can help you create meaningful conversations around your brand, both online with digital marketing, and with more traditional channels like telemarketing.

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