Content Marketing Distribution Trends to Watch

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Content Marketing Distribution Often Missed Factor

content marketing distributionContent creation continues to get the bulk of the attention in content marketing, but leaving out a focus on distribution is a mistake that many organizations are making. Industry experts believe this will be the year when the focus on content marketing distribution is something more marketers are going to hone in on.

While many marketers say they believe content marketing distribution is important, only about a quarter of them are funneling funds or creating strategies in a direction that will improve distribution. One of the trends for 2015 is an increased focus on distribution. Whether it’s through more of the budget being allotted for distribution, or tactical partnerships coming into play, organizations have realized they need to boost their attention to this part of their marketing strategy.

Marketing professionals are now saying that funds spent on the quality of content and the technology surrounding it are often not used for full impact without proper distribution. To keep content creation efforts afloat, marketers are looking to optimize their distribution, one channel they are using is social media. In fact, the gap between social media and content marketing is getting smaller and smaller as digital marketers improve the way in which they involve social media in their strategies.

Marketers are also looking at where their clients go to gain information about products and services, and the overwhelming response has been that they’re going mobile. Improvements on this front are often called “mobile first,” which conveys the importance of reaching out to prospective customers through their mobile devices.

It has also become increasingly clear that consumers don’t want to be the victim of advertisements, especially on their mobile devices. Instead, they want to be part of a community where thoughts and ideas are offered up about the industry in which they are interested. They want to hear stories they can identify with, which leads to them supporting the brand because they feel like they’re a part of it.

Another trend hitting in 2015 includes marketers becoming cognizant that it’s not all about publishing – it’s also about distribution. Publication and content creation are important parts of the overall strategy, but too many organizations are making these two the star players and leaving out an important one – distribution.

One of the best distribution methods is telemarketing. The proactive approach of telemarketing continues to add value to the content marketing process. Few conversions are made with email alone due to the fact that emails can be easily discarded, even if the message is carefully crafted. However, the human touch of telemarketing, especially in the B2B market, is extremely effective.

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