Content Marketing Distribution: Telemarketing is Key

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

More Effective Content Marketing Distribution Improves Sales

content marketing distributionThere is no shortage of opinions about how much money should be spent on marketing, or how much should be apportioned to each aspect of marketing. However, there has lately been more attention pointed toward content marketing distribution. Is it time for you to put as much focus on how the message is delivered?

Even the best marketing ideas fall flat when they don’t reach the right target audience. While it’s still important to be creative in developing content, it’s only part of the puzzle. Some marketing experts believe half the marketing budget should be directed at distribution. One of the obvious channels to utilize in distributing content is telemarketing. What other channels should be in the consideration?

To make sure you are creating content that will reach your target audience, you need to use tools to analyze how your content is impacting people. Analysis tools found in Google+ reveal information about what’s influencing people and what’s not. Through this, you can get a better idea of how you can create more influential content and where to distribute it with more effect. Instead of aiming to go viral, more emphasis should be placed on how to connect with the audience you know will be interested in your brand.

Some of the top channels for content marketing distribution include your company website, which today needs to be built for mobile as well as traditional browsers. Email campaigns rank high on the list, as do public relations strategies and social media integration. Focus on organic search is also a major part of most distribution tactics. Online advertising, microsites, channel partners and offline advertising are also common places for content marketing distribution.

What about the tried and true method of telemarketing? Yes, it’s a decades-old method of getting information out to potential leads, but it continues to offer an excellent return on investment. Telemarketing agencies with a focus on implementing the latest software and hardware that helps them connect to leads more effectively is proven to be valuable to organizations utilizing these services. While other channels have the benefit of lower cost, telemarketing is unmatchable when it comes to actually connecting with leads. The training agents get on communicating pays off handsomely when they connect with a qualified lead. It’s a proactive process that can lead to nurtured relationships that provide more value than the quick sale.

Blue Valley Telemarketing knows what it takes to get your valuable content out there in front of the most qualified leads. Our strategies include working closely with our clients to deliver the most effective campaigns possible, and it’s why our clients come back to us year after year. For more information, contact us today and we’ll discuss how we’ll handle your content marketing distribution.

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