Content Marketing Distribution: Which Methods Work Best?

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Marketing Strategy 5When it comes to nurturing leads among your contacts, where do you find the most control? For most companies, it’s in their email list, which is also their most valuable channel when it comes to content marketing distribution. The email list is ripe with leads, which is why when segmented appropriately; it can also be called your lead list. One of the best ways to get the most out of this list is to partner with a telemarketing service.

More and more companies are bringing their focus to a customer-centric experience. This involves figuring out what your customers want, maybe even before they know they want it. It’s all in the data, which has to be mined correctly before you will gain any actionable insights out of it.

When you’ve effectively mined the data, you can start segmenting your list and prepping your campaigns to speak directly to the right audience. One aspect of this process could involve search engine optimization (SEO), which pulls in more interested parties, making them more knowledge about your campaign. To run an effective SEO campaign, you also need to know exactly what channels your target audience are using so you can make sure your information is going to the right place every time. This is another area where telemarketing services can assist you.

How segmented is your current email list now? Did you know companies that segment their email lists get about 15 percent more clicks (according to email marketing provider Mail Chimp) than those who don’t? Depending on what your campaign involves, you will want to segment in one of many ways. Some campaigns require that you only segment by zip code or job title. When using fields such as these, companies saw a nearly 20 percent increase in opens and a 22 percent increase in clicks.

If a content marketing distribution strategy is going to be successful, it should include telemarketing. Instead of simply relying on fields in your contact list to segment your audience, telemarketers can drill down and find out who needs what, when. Telemarketers can nurture leads better than an email marketing campaign can do alone. It’s because they have actual conversations, make notes, file reports and update databases on a regular basis that their content marketing distribution campaigns come out on top on a consistent basis.

Most companies will rely on several channels in their marketing strategies. Companies leaving the telemarketing aspect off the table are missing out on a golden opportunity to connect more thoroughly with the audience. Companies have figured out that using content marketing increases the visibility of their brand. Furthermore, because most consumers in the B2C and even in the B2B space are completing upwards of 60 percent of their buy cycle before making contact with a company, content marketing has never been more important.

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