Content Marketing Distribution is Just as Vital as the Content

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Have an Intentional Strategy for Your Content Marketing Distribution

content marketing distributionAre you a marketer focused on creating content? Creating content that will connect with your target audience is important. The best marketers are choosing every word after careful consideration of alternatives. They’re driving home a point that resonates. They’re creating visuals that are impactful. Yet, all this hard work won’t mean much if you aren’t as equally focused on content marketing distribution.

Search Matters

According to a report from Shareaholic, search alone delivers about a third of all traffic that lands on any website. About 31 percent of the searches are being carried out through Google. In fact, Google sends around 17 times the amount of visits that, Bing, Yahoo and AOL send to publishers combined. Obviously, when it comes to content marketing distribution, you need to do what you can to improve your chances of getting a higher position in Google searches, which means having a tighter focus on SEO.

Do you know who your target audience is? Do you know how your target audience is searching the Internet for services like yours? Being able to answer these questions with confidence will vastly improve your SEO.

Segmenting the Audience

Dig into your customer data and learn everything you can about your clients. Content marketing distribution works when you can personalize your message, and you can do this by knowing the likes and dislikes of your clients. For instance, are you shooting out emails in the “blast” method? Are you putting every single person who has ever done business with you on one list and blasting out a newsletter? Instead, segment your audience and create content that speaks specifically to those segments. When you personalize, you are creating content based on interests, and this is what gets your message noticed.

Utilizing telemarketing services can help you narrow down your audience into the proper segments, reducing the chances of your content falling on people who want nothing to do with it.

Building a Plan

Marketers today are becoming more focused on creating content modules. These are essentially smaller pieces of content that have a specific purpose. One way this is happening is through taking excerpts from blog posts and using them on social media pages as updates. These blurbs can also be directed to newsletters or on your LinkedIn page. There needs to be some commitment to the narrative arc here – it must be clear and follow the path that takes your audience on a journey. This is something telemarketers are experts at doing as their communication skills are their biggest weapon.

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