Content Marketing Distribution is Just as Important as the Content You are Producing

Cut through the online clutter and turn to telemarketing to deliver content marketing to the right lead at the right time.

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Get on Top of Your Content Marketing Distribution Strategies

While it’s important for you as a B2B marketer to focus on producing quality content, it’s equally important to develop a strategy for quality content marketing distribution.

The mistake that is sometimes made in content distribution is being too focused on one channel and often it’s the least proactive channel available. For example, email offers a variety of conveniences, especially where costs are concerned, but it’s easy for a decision maker at a target company to simply delete the email without reading it because there is not human contact or interaction. Sometimes, spam filters prevent that email from even getting to the inbox. It is also common to have too much focus on social media channels alone, leaving out some of the most proactive channels.

There is a lot of talk about multichannel marketing, and it makes sense because it’s a proven theory – you’ll get more interest in your content marketing campaigns if you reach out through multiple channels. Your website is a good place to start, with content in the form of a regularly updated blog, case studies and white papers that can be made available after the interested party fills out a contact form.

Direct mail continues to offer some advantages, as many B2B buyers prefer brand communications via this channel. Social media is an important channel because it reaches about 80 percent of Internet users. However, not every decision maker is going to rely on social media to help them find the products and/or services that will help them grow their organization. They might not be big on email either, but one channel that does invoke a reaction and a response is telemarketing. While telemarketing in the B2C world might have its challenges, decision makers/buyers in the B2B world welcome calls from telemarketers because it puts them in the know.

You can develop a content marketing campaign with the best information, but to really impress upon someone the importance of your information and make sure they actually see it takes a more proactive approach than the average channel. Telemarketers are excellent communicators, which means the time and money you’ve put into developing content will be worth it when you connect your brand to the right people.

When shopping for a telemarketing firm to handle your content marketing distribution tasks, look for one that communicates well with your company. Furthermore, look for an agency that has the latest and greatest software and hardware to make their efforts more efficient, which means a better return on investment for you.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is ready to assist you with your content marketing distribution today. Contact us and let’s talk about your next project.

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