Using Content Marketing Distribution Strategies That Hit Home

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

content marketing distributionYou and your marketing team have spent hour upon hour building and adjusting your content. Every word is scrutinized and you’re finally ready to spread them to every conceivable channel. However, how much effort did you put into your content marketing distribution strategy?

It’s a scenario that plays out all too often – marketers focus on their content and give little to no thought about the distribution of said content. The results are disappointing, yet predictable.

Yes, content is king, but so too is the method through which you distribute the content. Taking the time to understand what your prospective audience prefers in how they are interacting with your brand is an investment that will pay big dividends. It will also prevent you from seeing lackluster content marketing campaign results.

Have you placed great focus on email campaigns without any thought as to how your leads feel about email? The same question goes for your social media channels – not all content will work effectively in a one-size-fits all method. If you’ve segmented your audience properly, you’ll have the information you need about them to reach out in the right places.

Going with the multi-channel approach works, but you can’t leave out the most proactive channel conceivable – telemarketing. Some marketers will leave this channel out and go with social media, direct mail and email. In doing so they are missing the opportunity to actually connect one-on-one with the prospective client.

Telemarketers interact. They find out what leads think about products and services. They can ask pointed questions that drill down into why a product or service is failing to make the connection, and this information is relayed back to the client company who can make fact-based decisions about their company’s direction in the future.

Content marketing distribution gets a significant return on investment when telemarketing is brought into the mix. Sure, there are cheaper methods available to put content in front of more eyes, but they can’t compare to the human touch that telemarketing offers.

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