Choose a Personalized Approach in B2B Lead Generation

Supplementing digital marketing with telemarketing gives your sales team actionable leads to pursue.

Telemarketing is a Highly Personal B2B Lead Generation Tool

B2B lead generation is about more than obtaining a list of potential buyers. It’s about cultivating those leads in a way that moves them forward in the engagement cycle. Instead of watching the majority of your leads slip through the cracks, convert more of them into qualified leads that are ready for the sales department.

The B2B buyer of today is looking for a personal connection with your company. This means that you need to develop increased personalization in your lead generation strategies. Decision makers report being frustrated that when they research information on a product or service, the content fails to connect with them on a personal level. One solution for this problem is to invest in platforms designed to provide real-time personalization.

Choosing a more proactive channel will help you improve your personalization with potential buyers. Proactive channels, and telemarketing in particular, give you direct contact with decision makers and fuel your B2B lead generation efforts. A one-on-one conversation allows you to speak directly to the decision-maker’s needs, answer questions and discuss any reservations.

Rather than searching the Internet or composing a lengthy email detailing their current needs, a decision maker wants to talk with an informed, qualified individual that can help them work through their business objectives. This is where telemarketing has the edge over all other forms of digital or traditional marketing tools.

That doesn’t mean that there’s not still an important role for digital channels, like social media, in your B2B lead generation efforts. After all, when a buyer makes contact with you, it’s likely that they’ve already done at least 60 percent of their own research before making contact. Investing in your digital marketing methods is critical because it helps your contact collect the information they need to have a conversation with you. It aids them in creating the questions they want to ask you and the issues they want to discuss in a productive way.

However, the research that’s conducted before they contact you is still highly impersonal and has nothing of the human touch. When they finally reach out to you, they’re ready to have that personal connection. If you miss the opportunity to connect on the personal level with a decision maker it may mean that you miss the sale.

While some companies opt for an in-house telemarketing team, many companies find it optimal to hire a third-party telemarketing company. This alternative solves any challenges related to infrastructure, training and physical space that come with an in-house telemarketing team for B2B lead generation.

Blue Valley Telemarketing is ready to help you craft a telemarketing campaign that is highly personal, and designed to convert those leads into customers. Contact us to talk more about what a comprehensive personalized marketing plan could look like for your company.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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