Business to Business Telemarketing Creates Opportunities

B2B 1Managers know that taking telemarketing calls is part of their job, which can also lead to opportunities for their company. However, the fact that telemarketing is such an effective method of getting information to clients is not always as obvious as it might seem. For instance, many marketers will use a multi-pronged approach that includes social marketing as part of the strategy in business-to-business telemarketing. However, they shouldn’t rely too much on social media because it is a far less productive way to get quality leads than telemarketing.

Developing Quality Leads

Nothing beats business-to-business telemarketing when it comes to developing quality leads. Print advertising is among the lowest. Events, which can be costly and time consuming, are a really effective method of gaining quality leads, as is a proper email marketing campaign, but they pale in comparison to telemarketing.

Telemarketing is so effective because it offers you a better chance at gaining good data on your target market. All marketers know that the best campaigns begin with a reliable set of data. When you’re bogged down with data that doesn’t really say much about your focus group, it is not effective. Telemarketing is a proactive means of communication, which means you’re going to get information that means something. With the ability to actually converse and direct a conversation, you can extract the exact data you need to build a successful campaign.

What Type of Telemarketing Campaigns Work Best?

Don’t try to skimp on your campaigns and run a really short one. Not everyone you reach out to will be available on the first or second or third attempt. Furthermore, most campaigns need time to breathe, to become finely tuned and effective. SCi Sales Group’s survey indicates that campaigns that reach out into their 14th week are twice as productive as those that only last two weeks.

Keep in mind that you will need to make about 80 calls for every opportunity you get. This is not to say you’re calling the same contact 80 times – this is saying that you’ll be reaching out to multiple contacts from multiple companies before you’ll get a positive response. Not every call is a loss. A good telemarketing firm will take a “no” and turn it into a positive piece of data for you to consider. A telemarketing agent can find out why they’re not buying at this time, which is information you can use to either tweak your campaign or develop new products in the future.

Partnering with a Reputable Company

Not every telemarketing company is created equal. At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we believe in offering comprehensive services that create a positive return on investment for you. Our agents are highly trained and capable of turning your campaign into a success. Contact us today and find out how we will deliver results for your next campaign.

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