Cyber Security Lead Generation

3 Steps to Successful Lead Generation for Cyber Security Companies

Cyber security breaches are in the news every day. With more remote workers due to Covid-19 utilizing their home networking …

Publishers can help their advertisers with data cleanup and lead generation.

B2B Publishers, Turn your Data into Dollars

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics are just some of the buzz words being overused by many today. If …

Telemarketing has held steady as an ROI-producing tool even when digital marketing channels have taken the spotlight.

How Should You Convert Data Challenges to New Business Opportunities?

Data is at the heart of business growth. By mining, categorizing, analyzing and mobilizing data, you are able to create …

Inbound Contact Center

Your nonprofit organization may benefit from inbound contact center services to better serve your donors.
Inbound Contact Center

Never Miss a Donation With Contact Center Services

As a nonprofit organization, you never take for granted the generosity of your donors. But as much as you appreciate …

Accurate, timely communication is critical in the healthcare industry.

Closing the Healthcare Communication Gap

Timely and accurate communication is critical in healthcare. Your team is under constant pressure to be a bridge between healthcare …

Build professional relationships with your customers based on human-to-human interactions.
Inbound Contact Center

Building Relationships Through Inbound Contact Center Services

Experts estimate that the average person owns between eight and twelve cars in a lifetime. For the automotive industry, that …

Outbound Call Center

In-house cold calling can be costly and tie up your sales team with unqualified leads. Turn to Blue Valley for telemarketing.
Outbound Call Center

Why You Should Never Let Sales Reps Touch Aging Leads

A report by Zoominfo revealed that 53% of companies spend up to half of their marketing budget on lead generation. …

A multi-layer content marketing strategy produces better lead generation results than singling out one tool.

The Secret to B2B Lead Generation

Everyone is looking for the Holy Grail of marketing, that Silver Bullet of lead generation. There’s a belief that if …

Inbound Contact Center

Blue Valley Marketing Launches New Call Center

Merrillville, IN. (November 6, 2017): Blue Valley continues to grow and is pleased to announce a new 60-seat call center …


Four common misconceptions often play a role in convincing a publisher not to do lead generation for clients.

Common Misconceptions Publishers Have About the Opportunities From Lead Generation

Publishers considering lead generation campaigns for their advertising clients often find that they are battling against formidable forces. The biggest …

Pairing trending marketing channels with traditional tools like telemarketing increases your ROI.

Advertisers – Who Is Your Message Reaching, and Are They Ready to Listen?

It happens in a split second: people make an unconscious decision, identifying a person they do …

Content Marketing

Incorporating interactive content into your marketing strategy makes your audience feel heard and understood.
Content Marketing

Using Interactive Content With Telemarketing for Effective B2B Lead Generation

Interactive content gives you the opportunity to layer your blogs, white papers and videos with a chance to listen to …

Content marketing data doesn't lie. Personal relationships gained through telemarketing are key sales drivers.
Content Marketing

Is Your Content Marketing Distribution Strategy Effective?

Get Your Content Marketing Distribution Strategy on Point With Telemarketing Building up valuable content that helps …

Lead Generation

Need Lead Generation Services?

Blue Valley Marketing does lead generation services for companies like Microsoft, IBM, NVIDIA, and more. Contact us to get started.

B2Bs rely on Blue Valley Marketing for comprehensive outbound and inbound marketing.

Content marketing continues to be on a growth trajectory, with companies adjusting their strategies as they learn more about what content their B2B target audience wants to see. While it’s

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