Better Event Marketing Through Telemarketing

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Event Planning 1Putting together an event is a fairly stressful process, yet exceedingly rewarding when everything goes as planned. Finding the right location, the right time, interesting speakers and the appropriate guest list are just a few of the elements that can add to the stress. Bringing a telemarketing firm into the mix can take away a good portion of that stress and add assurances that you’ll have better results in achieving a successful event.

Many event marketing successes have had a reputable telemarketing agency behind them. We’ve all had the experience where your potential guests put off committing to your event until the last second. That’s a stressful scenario, but telemarketers know how to entice the potential guests with proactive communication skills. To get the most attendees to sign up for the event as early as possible, hire a telemarketing agency.

Telemarketers can also offer great information after their conversation with your potential guests. For instance, if a prospective attendee declines the invitation, the telemarketer can learn why and offer that feedback to you so your next event can be more successful. Perhaps it’s a timing issue or a problem with the content of the event – the telemarketer will find out.

Telemarketers have the human touch that other marketing processes lack. Your email campaign might be cheap and easy, but how effective has it been in the past? Your mailer campaign isn’t quite as cheap as the email method, but is it any more effective? The reason these methods fall flat is because they lack the human touch. Furthermore, they don’t offer feedback that telemarketing can bring.

How do you find a good telemarketer? That’s a question that can be answered by doing a little planning first. You need to figure out who in your audience database you want to contact. How do you want the telemarketing agency to work with your strategy? For instance, will you send your potential guests a mailer first and then have the agency make follow-up calls? Ask your potential agency what they would recommend.

You have different options for how you will work with your telemarketer; you can work with a large firm or hire an individual consultant. Keep in mind that when you choose a firm, you’ll have many more tools at your disposal and a more scalable approach. Ask your peers what they’ve done and see if their options will fit your needs as well. Telemarketing firms specialize in communication, which means you should be able to effectively convey what your goals are for your event marketing. The firm should be able to tell how often they will provide you updates on your campaign and even include some monitoring opportunities that give you assurances that the campaign is being carried out as planned.

Blue Valley Telemarketing has extensive knowledge in event marketing. We can help you design your strategy and assist you in achieving a higher rate of success in your event marketing.

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