Ask Questions to Focus Your Content Marketing Strategy and Make Your Investment Count

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Content marketing is a valuable part of every marketing strategy. The Small Business Contentcontent marketing strategy Marketing Trends –North America Report found that 94 percent of B2B marketers employ content marketing. Yet, less than 50 percent have a clearly defined content marketing strategy. That is a problem. Just because you spend more and make more (content) doesn’t mean that your efforts are any more effective. A shotgun approach to content marketing rarely hits the target.

More isn’t Always Better

The report also found that 73 percent of those responsible for B2B marketing have increased the amount of content they produce. However, this increased amount of content may just overwhelm consumers rather than capture audiences. In some ways, this abundance of content is self-defeating.

Understand Your Audience

What you need is not just a large amount of content but a content marketing strategy built on solid information that captures your target audience and motivates them toward action. To achieve this you need answers to a handful of basic questions: Who is your ideal customer? Where are they located? What are their everyday issues? What would it take to motivate that customer to move toward you as a business partner?

Other useful information for developing your effective content marketing strategy includes:

  • Where does your ideal customer go for business information? Do they use an online search engine? In which case you need to include an SEO component in your plan. Do they belong to LinkedIn? If so, you need to be present there.
  • How does your ideal customer consume information? Though it sounds similar to where the customer goes, it really is more specific. Does the ideal customer read White Papers? Do they prefer more interactive formats like a Webinar? Are they most interested in image-driven Info-graphics?

Strategy is Built Upon Data

With the answers to these basic questions, you can build a trustworthy content marketing strategy. You’ll be providing the content your target customer wants and you’ll be presenting that content in a format and location where they are most apt to access it. Successful strategy is built upon solid data. The last question then, is how can you obtain the information?

Using the Telemarketing Tool to Power Your Content Strategy

Telemarketing can deliver this kind of information. Today’s telemarketing services are precision tools for B2B companies. Telemarketing is useful in data gathering, for lead generation, for follow-up customer service and more. At Blue Valley Telemarketing we’ve been working with national B2B companies across several industries to provide services that support the goals of other channel marketing efforts. Our staff will present a well-informed human voice for your digital outreach. Contact us today and find out how Blue Valley can give you the data needed to focus your content marketing strategy toward success.

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