B2B Telemarketing Tips That Work

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Smiling TelemarketerBusiness-to-business (B2B) lead generation for high-dollar items can come with a high cost. B2B Barometer’s recent survey found that for items that cost $8,000 or more, marketers will spend nearly $1,500 on lead generation. When you consider that only around 33 percent of these leads turn into a sale, it becomes clear that the methods you use to gather leads must be extremely accurate and effective.

The survey shows the top three channels for lead generation as email marketing, live events and telemarketing. One reason email marketing is so pervasive is due to its cost and effectiveness at reaching a large number of potential buyers in a very short time period. Live events are a far more expensive means of lead generation, but are effective when pulled off correctly. Telemarketing is less expensive than live events, but proves to be a highly proactive method of informing potential buyers about products that will interest them.

What’s important to all three channels, including B2B telemarketing, is value exchange. This is an approach where the prospect is given something they perceive as valuable for information about themselves or their company that will put them on the list as a lead.

Some telemarketers are too quick to jump into a sales pitch. Before you do this, you need to see where your potential client is coming from, what their challenges are and how willing they are to make a purchase. By some accounts, it takes upwards of 80 calls to put yourself in a position where you’re making a sale. To bring that number down to something more reasonable, it helps if you’re offering something of value in the first place. This might have more to do with your contact list than your product/service, which is something a reputable telemarketing agency can help you with.

Quality telemarketers will not push their contacts into a yes or no situation. Instead, they’ll design their script and their pitch so that the conversation is more about nurturing than about making a quick sale. This is easier when you understand who your leads are, which enables you to ask the right questions.

One aspect of B2B telemarketing that seems universal, regardless of industry, is that buyers respond to the human element. It’s the two-way communication, the give and take between telemarketer and decision maker that leads to success. When a telemarketer makes a human connection, it’s usually through thorough research about the potential client and the ability to ask the right question.

If you’ve nurtured a lead, it’s important to schedule follow-up conversations that make sense with the potential buyer’s buying cycle. Excellent note keeping and a keen ear for when a prospect deserves another call is paramount to success.

As these might indicate, it takes a special telemarketer to deliver on everything you need to make your B2B telemarketing campaign a success. At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we’ve delivered on these aspects of lead generation and sales nurturing for years. Contact us today and find out how we can make your next B2B campaign a success.

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