B2B Telemarketing: Providing the Human Touch

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Connect With Your Audience Through B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketingB2B Marketing published survey results in late June that spell out the importance of connecting with your target audience. Titled “Research: Getting Through to Your Customers,” the report demonstrates how engagement methods used by marketers can make or break a campaign. What comes out as a clear winner is utilizing B2B telemarketing when trying to connect to an audience.

According to the report, the most proactive means of connecting with an audience is to meet with them face-to-face. Around 80 percent of marketers surveyed said this type of interaction was effective or very effective. However, marketing efforts based on this method can only occur a limited number of times throughout any given year. Marketers need something they can go to day in and day out if they’re going to impact the bottom line for their organization. That’s where B2B telemarketing comes in.

One of the aspects of telemarketing that other channels don’t have going for them is being proactive. Telemarketing is also fully interactive. It’s a conversation instead of a one-sided message that gets tossed out there and is quickly deleted, ignored or never opened.

The proactive nature of telemarketing is really nothing new. Studies dating back to 1990 in the Journal of Direct Marketing show that a survey of a thousand consumers found a surprisingly high percentage of them reacted positively to the proactive nature of the telemarketing sales call. What’s also been established is that B2B telemarketing calls to decision makers within an organization find an even higher rate of positive acceptance. People in these positions often rely on these conversations to keep them abreast of the latest offerings that can be of use to their organization.

Companies today have many options in what channels they use for their marketing efforts. The latest is social media. The email-marketing channel has been around for 15-plus years and is probably here to stay due to its cost effectiveness. Direct mail is also a veteran channel used by telemarketers. While all of these can work together in concert, marketers can’t forget about the human touch they can provide through using B2B telemarketing.

The human touch is what really connects an organization to its target market. Yours can also benefit from the human touch that is achieved through telemarketing. First, you have to get connected to the right firm – one that has the latest hardware and software that allows them to do their jobs efficiently, keeping costs down for you. Second, they must have the best communicators – people who know how to listen, how to lead a conversation and how to help their target audience.

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