B2B Lead Generation Improves With Telemarketing

B2B Lead Generation Starts With Knowing Your Target Audience

B2B lead generationNot all leads are alike. In fact, a majority of leads won’t convert to sales. However, when you begin to notice a high ratio of non-converted leads, it’s time to look at your B2B lead generation strategy.

More and more marketers are beginning to see the value of the human touch when it comes to communicating with potential customers, which is why telemarketing is such a vital piece of the B2B lead generation strategy.

MarketingSherpa highlights that, on the average, 73 percent of leads are not sales ready. Good marketers know this and put into place strategies that ensure a higher rate of quality leads are being funneled to the sales department. Qualifying leads begins with knowing your target audience and building content to impact them, specifically.

Quality marketers look at how their product or service can solve a problem for their target audience, and they know how much revenue each potential customer could provide to the company every year. Perhaps the most important part after identifying leads is knowing where they go to become informed.

Locating leads today involves a multi-channel approach, and you can’t talk about B2B lead generation without including social media. Millions of people are connecting to content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and a number of other social media sites. However, your content will need to be tailored to fit each platform. Furthermore, some content is more appropriate for LinkedIn than it is for Facebook. Quality marketers know the difference and make arrangements for each group they’ve segmented.

However, tackling a B2B lead generation campaign through social media alone is a way to come out with underwhelming results. Lead generation also requires including the human touch. Sure, you’re going to find potential leads through social media, but to really impact your ability to qualify leads, using telemarketing to provide a human touch is among the most proactive ways to do it.

It’s possible that your lead generation techniques through other channels could be overstepping somewhat by asking too many questions. You want as much information as you can possibly get on your leads because information allows you to make fact-based decisions that will affect your company, but going too far can turn them away. There is no way to gauge this through social media, but with telemarketing, there is a conversation occurring and the give and take organically allows the process to go more smoothly.

Furthermore, with telemarketing, you get a sense of where your leads are in the buy cycle. Nothing upsets the sales department more than being handed a lead that isn’t ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. Telemarketing allows you to more effectively gauge exactly where the lead is in the buy cycle. They can also nurture the lead, which ultimately results in higher purchase amounts when they finally are ready to convert.

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Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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