B2B Lead Generation: Gaining the Edge With Telemarketing

The Multi-Channel Approach to B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generationHow are you impacting the effectiveness of your B2B lead generation campaign? Are you trying to get the upper hand by using an in-house marketing team, or are you relying on a third party to pull it together for you? Here are some of the top delivery methods of lead generation efforts and the pros and cons of each.

Connect Through Multiple Channels

Some organizations are using the multi-channel approach to get better-qualified leads, but to varying results. For instance, it takes effort to pull up a list of prospects for a mass email that pushes your product/services, and emails are easily ignored. You can enclose excellent materials, such as links to videos, white papers and case studies, but without a conversation, it’s difficult to ensure that your efforts are paying off. The benefit of a mass email campaign is that it is fairly low cost.


Organizing a webinar can be a time consuming task, but can be an effective one if you can pull in an audience for it. One of the best ways to attract a larger audience is to utilize telemarketing services to reach out to a mass number of prospective participants.

Going Social

As a B2B marketer today, you are most likely utilizing social media marketing techniques in your B2B lead generation efforts. It is a powerful tool in raising awareness about your brand. This can make your prospects more apt to take a call from you when you reach out to them.

The Proactive Approach

One of your top goals as a marketer today is to make a personalized connection with prospective leads. Seminars and conferences are one of the best ways to make connections because they involve interpersonal communication and face-to-face interaction, which is the most proactive method of generating leads. However, seminars and conferences can be expensive and time consuming.

Website Optimization

Don’t forget about the power of your website. Most clients will do their research on you before they’ll take your call or make a call to you, which means your website must contain the content that will influence more interaction from prospective leads. Give them the option to sign up for a white paper or a case study through your site. This can lead to a productive conversation later, because you’re getting their contact information, and they’re obviously interested enough to gain access to your content.

Get the Right Telemarketer

Some organizations fear that they’ll have to give up control when they hand over their campaigns to third parties. However, when connected to the right telemarketing company, you’ll be working in concert with the telemarketing professional. In fact, you’ll have complete visibility into your campaign through call recording and call monitoring, as well as frequent reports about the campaign.

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