Addressing the Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing Dilemma

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Ronen Ben-Dror

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Is One Better Than the Other?

inbound vs. outbound marketingNow that we’re firmly planted in the 21st century, you need a marketing strategy that works with present-day realities. Relying on past methods isn’t enough. Yet many businesses are finding that abandoning proven strategies for the sake of new channels doesn’t always produce satisfying results. As a modern business, you must grapple with the challenge of inbound vs. outbound marketing decisions. Which is best?

A Focus on Outbound Marketing

With outbound marketing, you send your brand and message out to consumers hoping to capture the attention of potential customers. With outbound marketing, the emphasis is on a one-sided push from you toward the customer. Outbound-only advertising ruled until the dawn of the digital age. Inbound vs. outbound marketing became a topic of conversation as the business world went digital.

The Charm of Inbound Marketing

The growth of the Internet gave businesses a means of engaging customers and being responsive with their target audience. It draws customers in when they can engage with your brand. The problem is that an inbound-only approach to marketing can be too passive and may fail to take a lead to the next step.

You Don’t Have to Choose

The inbound vs. outbound marketing dilemma presents a false choice, however. What your business actually needs is a plan to merge the two strategies. It isn’t an either or equation. Instead, the combined forces of inbound AND outbound strategies can enhance the effectiveness of both strategies and leave you with better, measurable results. For instance, when leads visit your inbound locations, you might ask them to leave a skeleton of personal information: gender, age, areas of business concern. Then, use that data to inform your outbound marketing efforts. Now your channels are supporting one another toward a common goal.

Outbound efforts, too, can support your inbound channels. Use telemarketing to make personal contact with customers whose orders have lessened over time. Let them know that you are interested in why and ask them what you could do to regain more of their business. Even customers whose orders remain steady will appreciate occasional “thank you” calls and a check-in on their level of customer satisfaction.

For a while, inbound marketing was like the new kid in class. Everyone forgot outbound marketing in favor of the new kids’ allure. Time has shown that businesses fail to see the best return on investment when they abandon one channel in favor of another. Your marketing efforts will have the greatest impact when you use both channels in tandem. If you’re ready to create an integrated marketing plan, Blue Valley Telemarketing can help. Let us help you resolve the inbound vs. outbound marketing dilemma by bringing the two strategies together.

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