5 Challenges to Watch For in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Many marketing campaigns are crafted without first gaining a deep understanding of the target audience.

Be Intentional as You Develop a Plan for Your Next Marketing Campaign

The best marketing campaigns begin with a robust round of goal setting, which is the catalyst for planning a strategy for a complex campaign. From the outset, the best campaigns will also involve a focus on multi- or cross-channel marketing, which is best played out with consistency in message. Here are some of the challenges that the average marketing campaign experiences today:

1. Knowing the Audience
Before a campaign can get on its feet, there should be a clear understanding about whom the content is being aimed at. Instead of going for an entire demographic, break it down into segments and build a message around what you know about each individual segment of the population you want to target. This will ensure that your message will really hit home.

2. Know Your Distribution Channels
Is your target audience fairly young? This is a segment of the population that regularly uses mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. Is your website mobile ready? If your content is going to live mostly on your site, you’ll need for it to be easy to access via mobile. When you are trying to nail down exactly who the demographic is, you’ll also have an easier time understanding where it is that they are most likely to engage with your content.

3. Tailor Content for the Channel
Twitter allows you to use 140 characters to interest your target audience. This brief message should be followed by a link to more information. LinkedIn is an excellent source for B2B communication, and Facebook can also help generate more interest, but the content must fit the channel.

4. Stay Consistent
If you’re jumping from one channel to the next in your campaign, make sure you’re not only tailoring that message to fit the medium, but make certain the message is consistent with your overall objectives. Doing otherwise can cause confusion and make your brand appear disorganized.

5. The Human Connection
While the multi-channel approach works, it works best when you make the human connection with people, and that is best accomplished through the proactive channel of telemarketing. Expert communicators impress upon your target audience the value your organization provides clients. Furthermore, information is actually exchanged back and forth, which leads to a more productive, long-term relationship.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by Ronen Ben-Dror

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